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Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece

Three Moves Ahead

"One of the most innovative real-time strategy games to come along in a very long time"

"Hegemony is probably the best historical game"

"It communicates a great deal of truth ... and it does that while being terrific fun. That is my ideal for historical strategy games." — (Hear more)

PC Gamer

"Hegemony's radical simplicity is so refreshing" — (PC Gamer, November 2011)

"A history-steeped RTS that seamlessly blends the strategic with the tactical" — (PC Gamer UK, August 2010)

Armchair General

93% "Satisfying period battles with flexible unit formation, and a clever logistics systems make this a must-play for RTS and board gamers alike." — (Read more)

Game Industry News

2011 Strategy Game of the Year!

4.5 / 5 "Longbow Games not only did an impressive job, but they broke new ground in the hyper-saturated RTS genre."

"... the perfect mix of a deep and easy-to-use interface would put most RTS titles to shame." — (Read more)


"... the steady progression is both engaging and addictive, an intoxicating combo."

"It’s this creative use of mechanics that keeps Wars of Ancient Greece approachable yet complex -- the gold standard of game design." — (Read more)

Toronto Thumbs

"Hegemony Gold expands on the original in the best possible way: by providing large-scale, engaging content and a wide open sandbox that finally gives war-gamers a reason to come back to ancient Greece for one more conquest." — (Read more)

Malaysian Gamer

"One of the best indie strategy games made" — (Read more)


8 / 10 "A must-have" — (June 2011)

85% — (Read more; Google translation)


8 / 10 — (Read more; Google translation)


"Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece is by far one of the best and most user friendly Strategy Wargames I’ve played in a long while." — (Read more)

The Sydney Morning Herald

"It is probably one of the neatest little strategy titles released in the last 12 months." — (Read more)