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Lots of Tread Marks Updates

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Level 23 Human gamer
Alignment: True neutral
Posted on August 5, 1999 at 12:00 pm

Sorry about the lack of updates lately! We've been working like crazy on Tread Marks and haven't had much time for anything else. If you played the first Public Test Release of Tread Marks, then you ain't seen nothing yet. :) We're up to at least 13 weapons now, with more on the way. Since the Test we've added a Heavy Plasma Gun, Rocket Grenades, Plasma Mines, Cruise Missiles, a hull-mounted GAU Gattling Gun, Tactical Nuclear Missiles, Matter Bombs, and the oh-so-spiffy High Energy Pulse Laser. The Nukes and Matter Bombs really make the Deformable Terrain show its colors, as they each blow out and deposit 100 meter wide by 20 meter deep (that's a football field, folks) craters and mountains, respectively, with suitably blistering explosions to go with them. Networking is progressing smoothly, and the next Test should be fully Internet playable with a decent modem connection. We've also added support for sgi's fast Software OpenGL rendering library, so we will have a software rendering fallback (if a lot slower and less pretty than the 3D Hardware version). The next Test should also include much more robust audio, with a bare-bones 2D audio fallback so nobody should be without sound anymore. We've also been cooking up some really spiffy maps, including a low-gravity Moon map and a low-friction Solid Ice race course. It shouldn't be this much fun to make games, should it? :)