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Level 14 Human gamer
Alignment: True neutral
Posted on September 6, 2006 at 2:15 pm

I have some great chats with people over Yahoo and 2ndself thought of the idea to post a few of them.

(Please note i have got promision from 2ndself for this log)

2ndself: hi hi
Nitronumber9: bye bye
2ndself: why why?
Nitronumber9: because because
2ndself: but but but but.... ....
Nitronumber9: what what what what
2ndself: you you serious serious??
Nitronumber9: always always
2ndself: aaw aaw
Nitronumber9: poor poor u u
2ndself: lo lol
2ndself: oh noes
2ndself: I loose XD
Nitronumber9: live with it
2ndself: lol so how are you?
2ndself: you rly got to go?
Nitronumber9: why not?
2ndself: cuz...
2ndself: then Id hav to go play emulators or Kirby XD
Nitronumber9: go then and Kirby ? u out of your mind?
2ndself: lol
2ndself: yes
2ndself: very
2ndself: kirby is awesome
2ndself: c ya XD
Nitronumber9: go then leave me alone to die
2ndself: die nitronumber9 die!!!
Nitronumber9: finally death has come to clame my life after all the pain
2ndself: KABOOM!!!!
2ndself: actualy no Ill install the simpsons hit and run
2ndself: and try to beat my sister on it XD
Nitronumber9: thats fun
2ndself: Ive been playing TMS X against her
Nitronumber9: knock yourself out on it
2ndself: she looses to me and I loose to internet peeps XD
2ndself: therefor I suck and so does she
Nitronumber9: lol
2ndself: bah the installer dumps windows on me
2ndself: its a Windows holocaust!!
Nitronumber9: mahahahaha
2ndself: everyone to the bunker
2ndself: btw - new windows vista is said to register all ur mp3s
2ndself: so it can tell if they are illegal o_o
Nitronumber9: sh*t im fu*ked then
2ndself: We recomend you close all windows before continuing with the installation
Nitronumber9: erm ok
2ndself: no way thats happenning
2ndself: *launches a windows vista rocket at Nn9*
Nitronumber9: *dodges in slow motion then pulls out shotgun pistol*
Nitronumber9: shotgun pistol? been playing to much Rainbow 6 again
2ndself: *pulls riot gear and an uzi*
Nitronumber9: right
Nitronumber9: *pulls out sword* lets do this
2ndself: *jumps to the side while firing in a dramatic sence*
Nitronumber9: *blocks bullets with sword*
2ndself: *rolls and dulls out 2 forked daggers*
2ndself: *pulls
Nitronumber9: *spins sword*
2ndself: *throws riot sheild and uzi away and removes his extra 2 hands XD*
2ndself: dunno what happened there
2ndself: * flips over and walks on his forks
2ndself: **
2ndself: *zaps*
Nitronumber9: right
Nitronumber9: *blocks zap and throws sword into the air*
2ndself: *tries to stab with one dagger and catches the sword in between the prongs of the other*
Nitronumber9: *vanishes into bright light*
2ndself: *throws one dagger and grabs the sword*
Nitronumber9: sorry i got some bad news *steps out of the light as a far cuter girl*
Nitronumber9: *with a crossbow*
2ndself: *o_o*
Nitronumber9: so what you got now?
2ndself: *climbs into his 1stdemon crossed with a nemesis tank and revs it to impress*
2ndself: that ^ ^^
Nitronumber9: thats it? *fires 3 crossbow bolts*
2ndself: *flips out of the car and remembers it's Nn9*
2ndself: ---this is odd and should go to the forums XD---
Nitronumber9: *one hits the dagger still flying towards me* *the 2nd hits the sword back into my hands and the 3rd hits your car's engine*
2ndself: nooooooooooooooooooooooo
2ndself: that's it
Nitronumber9: what u got pretty boy?
2ndself: *yells some wierd japenese thing and flames engulf the daggers which fly into his ands*
2ndself: *hands
Nitronumber9: *yawns and chews on lollypop*
2ndself: *goes beserk and starts spinning in circles causing a burning tornado*
Nitronumber9: oh look getting a little windy *flicks hair*
2ndself: ...o_o
2ndself: *paints Nn9's house not pink*
Nitronumber9: *Fires a crossbow bolt into the paintcan draining it*
2ndself: *flies matix style*
2ndself: *strange drum music comes on*
2ndself: *does a martial arts pose*
Nitronumber9: can we hurry this battle up? im due to fight my other personallity in a fight at 7
2ndself: o_o
2ndself: *zooms towards and kicks in the neck*
2ndself: *with a stiletto heal*
Nitronumber9: *dodges and stabs with sword*
2ndself: *tries to dodge but gets his leg cut off and grows two in its place*
2ndself: that was odd...
2ndself: *tripple kicks*
Nitronumber9: hold on a second i need to borrow my crossbow and shoot someone with it
Nitronumber9: ok continue
2ndself: *tripple kicks*
2ndself: hmmm
Nitronumber9: *dodges then Bi*ch slaps*
2ndself: *cuts off all three legs and grows 6*
Nitronumber9: shoot
2ndself: legs arent much use though..
Nitronumber9: can u pass me my shotgun pistol this other guy just pulled out a nuke launcher
2ndself: would you mind cutting off my arms please? *passes blade*
2ndself: *gives shotty pistol
2ndself: **
Nitronumber9: thanks *chops off both 2ndselfs arms and head*
2ndself: Not the head idiot! Haven't you ever seen the highlander????
2ndself: *croaks it*
2ndself: *is reincarnated as a cockroach*
Nitronumber9: *watches as 2ndself grows 2 heads*
2ndself: oh my a 2 headed cockroach
2ndself: I wonder what I can do now?
2ndself: *polutes floor*
Nitronumber9: god no *retreats to find the male personallity
2ndself: *chases girl round battlefeild*
Nitronumber9: *while screaming girlly*
2ndself: *gathers other cockroaches to form a giant one in cheesy si-fi style
2ndself: **
Nitronumber9: *vanishes into more bright light*
2ndself: ( too much powerpuff girls XD)
2ndself: *takes a bath to get rid of the smell*
2ndself: *puts on a bow tie*
Nitronumber9: cute
Nitronumber9: now lets see what u got Mr cockroch
Nitronumber9: *pulls out SMG9000
2ndself: *gulps*
Nitronumber9: lol these are crazy
2ndself: *pushes nuclear core detonator on tower*
2ndself: --cockroaches shall rule!!!!---
Nitronumber9: *fires at 2ndself* and flies to the otherend of the arena*
2ndself: bah
2ndself: *crawls out of mushroom cloud as thousands or little uns and swarms nn9*
2ndself: (find the right one XD)
Nitronumber9: don't need to my armory is so large unlike my cuter self with the crossbow *pulls out fullyautomaticshotgun*
2ndself: --The sound of a million gulps--
Nitronumber9: hehe
Nitronumber9: oh dang forgot the ammo is on the otherside of the arena
2ndself *runs for the ammo*
Nitronumber9: lol run for all the help it will do you
2ndself: *every cockroach goes into a matrix fighting pose*
Nitronumber9: lol
2ndself: yey matix cockroaches ^^
2ndself: *cockroaches jump in slow motion while Nn9 goes at normal speed*
Nitronumber9: hold on need a transfer cuter self pass the magic staff
Nitronumber9: *gets passed magic staff and setfires to all the cockroaches*
2ndself: *runs around in tiny circles*
2ndself: *swarm Nn9 while burning*
Nitronumber9: FREEZE TIME *freezes all cockroaches*
2ndself: *is frozen....*
2ndself: hold on *puts on jumper*
Nitronumber9: lol *summons large box*
Nitronumber9: if im going to take you out i want a decent music system to back it up
2ndself: **2ndself is inspired and gains one level**
2ndself gains antimanna and power up
Nitronumber9: lol
2ndself: *shouts more japenese with his tiny voice and glows red*
Nitronumber9: *hold on 2 seconds
2ndself: *all surrounding cockroaches fall to the ground as their power is added to 2ndself*
2ndself: 2ndself is unfrozen
Nitronumber9: *trades item with otherself item as yet is unknown*
2ndself: *scratches bottom and burps*
2ndself: some powerful cockroaches...
Nitronumber9: yeap and this is a powerful item
2ndself: *flexes mini muscles*
Nitronumber9: opens item in box to find another box* not now please?
2ndself: *turns on sterio and plays pass the parcel*
2ndself: I gtg soon btw
Nitronumber9: you do that
2ndself: we should post this on LDA and call it arena part one or summat XD
Nitronumber9: lol if u want
2ndself: I don have the full thing XD
Nitronumber9: i do why not the whole chat?
2ndself: yes indeed
2ndself: ahem.
Dan Tayler: so do you want to do the cheesy voicover script now or shall I?
Nitronumber9: u can
2ndself: okies ^^
2ndself: *clears throwt*
Nitronumber9: *passes a ion cannon with Nn9's cuter personallity*
2ndself: So after this truly epic battle, will we ever know who shall be victorious?
Will we ever know the contents of Nn9's big box?
And why do we never see Nn9's cuter personality on the forums?

-- Stay tuned for more: TALES OF AMAZING STUPIDITY!!!!--
Nitronumber9: lol
2ndself: XD well that went well

Level 14 Human gamer
Alignment: True neutral
Posted on September 6, 2006 at 4:04 pm

you and my brother both scare me most of the time, when you have really random conversations with each other :S

Level 14 Human gamer
Alignment: True neutral
Posted on September 6, 2006 at 5:49 pm

you and my brother both scare me most of the time, when you have really random conversations with each other :S

I also have random conversations with you so if you don't want me to post them please be quiet.

Level 14 Human gamer
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Posted on September 6, 2006 at 6:53 pm


Level 14 Human Unaffiliated Game Maker
Alignment: Chaotic
Location: England
Posted on September 7, 2006 at 12:30 pm


Level 13 Human gamer
Alignment: True neutral
Posted on September 27, 2006 at 6:32 pm

ok...... a bit weird

Level 13 Human gamer
Alignment: True neutral
Posted on September 27, 2006 at 11:35 pm

I don't like to read long things taht much