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bored... wanted to write something your opinion?

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Level 14 Human gamer
Alignment: True neutral
Posted on March 11, 2006 at 1:42 pm

He rode his pitch-black mech through the fields coming back from a patrol. Several hours later, he met up with the rest of his Shadow Knights.

"Bobby did you get any hand attacks yet?" he asked his second in command.
"No man, there isn't a fucking person out today" he said with some humor in his voice.
His long-range scanners beeped an incoming object about 17 miles out. He looked at the signal again. It looked like a truck nothing more. He dismissed it.
"So Bobby, how is your brother Max?" The Paladin asked
"Last I saw him he was updating our long range threat detectors." He said back to the Paladin.
"Oh, good, that's very good" he said with a smile on his face.

"Sir, I have a conta-"that was all he could say before a missile took the soldiers life. These were cluster missiles set to scatter, hammering the Knights "I WANT TO KNOW WHERE THOSE CAME FROM!" he barked into the comm. seeing a new volley coming from behind. "Knights split up and make a dash to the city. NOW!" he screamed. All the mechs split into groups of threes with their backs turned to the city. The medium mechs were guarding two support mechs, Frostbite, and a Scar. The support mechs opened up 1/4th of their missiles, hundreds of them arching to the enemy mechs that just started to charge after the Knights.

The Paladin made a sharp turn around putting the mech in a slow walk fast enough, him and his second in command and the heavier mechs could guard their retreat. He used his obliterator cannons to punch holes in the oncoming mechs, detonating their reactors. All the shadow knights with long-range weapons fired at once. The frostbite and the scar were in the city now, on the boarder of the city. The Paladins devastator did have its name for nothing; he emptied his left missile racks, into 50 different mechs, with his cluster missiles, taking 40 of them down,
"S%!t…GUN IT MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!" he said as an Executioner class mech came over the hill opening up on them. The Paladin opened fire again. Spreading his shots into several different mechs. Then opened up on the smaller mechs that were close by with his machine guns. After that, it rained hard, a severe thunderstorm overhead, and that Gravedigger picking people off. Then used its energy cannon at the heavy mech almost to the city. That was Max's brother Bobby.
"F@$KER!" he screamed into the comm. He next few hours would be heavy fighting.
He went head to head

His mech was crippled from the previous fight, he had to ditch it. As it exploded from the reactor going critical. He ran. He ran faster than he ever did in his life. The good thing was that the Frost Bite and the Scar were untouched. And nearly had their entire arsenal full. Unleashing into the night sky bright streaks of death onto the hand charge. The city was already in ruins.

About an hour of nonstop running he got to the city, he asked the sergeant in charge how many dead. He looked at the paladin."99 percent casualty's sir" he said solemnly

"you mean there is only 14 of us left!?!" the Paladin as in disbelief. Then he added "who pilots the frostbite? and the scar?

The sergeant called up the mech pilot info. "that sergeant pilots the Frostbite, and the scar was piloted by Sarah sir"

sarah remembering that beautiful girl that signed up. The perfect women he thought. "alright then he hold here. Our fate is sealed. Lets hope we may remain alive to defy it"

34 hours of endless fighting. It was over. The frostbite heavily damaged the scar hwas rended immobile . Sarah walked to the paladin. And saluted. "Sir what now?" looking at the limping Paladin who had been shot multiple times and stabbed, nothing too bad she thought as she scanned him. The Paladin stared past her, as if he was looking into an abyss. In the first time of his life, he didn't know what to do.
Then it came to him, reality came back. And he found himself staring at her like a dumb@$$. "wait, we will wait…" he said slowly. "Ill keep watch, you guys rest." He ordered.

Sarah walked away from him and asked the Sergeant "why is he like that? he knows he is injured but he still stands straight." The sergeant told her, "because he wants to Sarah. Noone will; understand why he keeps on going like he does, unless you've been with him as long as I have Sarah,"

just asking for an opinion.

Level 14 Human gamer
Alignment: True neutral
Posted on March 11, 2006 at 1:57 pm

nice story, wish I could write a story as good as this. If I wrote a story, you would get bored reading it.