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Future improvements

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Level 4 Human gamer
Alignment: Lawful good
Posted on December 23, 2015 at 6:52 am
Tagged: improvements

Useful think that’s help to play especially in a latest stages of the game.

1. Auto city growing. It's hard to check all the cities in a latest stages of the game for the readiness to grow.

2. Auto city constructions. for the cities far of the enemy border I always build the same buildings: market, library, canalization, it could be automatically

3. The possibility to change the stance of the city for all cities in one time. For example select in all the cities the trading stance

4. After training some unit it will automatically go for the predicted place. for example somewhere close to the border, it will save a lot of time if I’ll know that defeated brigade will return soon to the chosen place.

5. Roads, for unit and supply caravans to traveling faster. Could be constructed and updated. Only workers/slaves is available to build roads by the player own project. It will give to the units an additional march speed and additional income to the cities connected by the road

6. The possibility to load to the ships not only a food, wood also.

7. Add the special unit to caring a lot of food. Give an opportunity to make a long march into the enemy territory always having a food.

8. Bridges is not blocking the pass to the river boats. it will makes an Gallic faction more interesting to play and stronger

9. Significantly increase the training time for the units. Because it's not possible to the warriors, especially for the premium units to get ready less than in a week.

10. The possibility to take the food from the killed brigades. As far as I’m remember it was possible on the previous version of Hegemony game

11. The pirates and the hostile ships it’s a pain in the a.., as well as the riders, should be another way to fight with them, they are not making the game interesting just annoying. I always wish someone to control my brigades to fight with them. May be destroying all the raiders camp will stop the invasion, and for pirates having a certain amount of war ships.