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Hegemony:Rome - how to make the game harder

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Posted on November 12, 2015 at 6:03 pm

Hi all!

I would seek advice on how to make the game harder - preferably by modding (though I only have very limited skills there).

All in all I love Hegemony - have been playing the previous Gold for quiet some time as well. I love the way the game is built, the seamless tactical/strategic system, the way force, supplies and terrain interact...all this. I very much like how sieges are implemented, how fieldbattles can be fought...however, the one area where the game is seriously lacking is the strategic AI. And due to this, once you have 3-4 cities there is simply nothing the AI can do against you, making the sandbox single player system a problem.

I have been playing my last game with 'houserules' as a british faction:
- may only recruit units in my native faction cities (including ALL garrison units!)
- may only recruit siege equipment in one native city
- no markets
- no reloading
- no mercenaries.

That was enjoyable - keeping supply lines across the channel is a challenge. I nearly lost my beachhead on the continent due to winter...that was fun.


I would like a way to make the game way harder. Perferably by:

Raising the number of enemy units total (by giving the AI more food + gold?)
Raising the number of units that attack you (would love to see invasions by 6-20 units).
Raising resilence (hit points?) of AI units
possibly lengthening the time needed to fight a battle (by giving all units more morale? Or higher defense?)

Is there a (not too difficult) way to accomplish this? Or has anyone modded anything in this vein?

Any pointer would be appreciated - thank you very much!