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DX-Ball SFX names and what they stand for

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Posted on September 25, 2015 at 10:29 am

DX-Ball 2 has a lot of sound files on the game's directory and each has different file names which corresponds to various events of gameplay.

I will list all of them in detail and what they correspond for. This list might be useful if you want to modify the sounds

Ao-laser.wav = hitting an invincible brick
Byeball.wav = ball falls below paddle
Bang.wav = power-up appears
Bassdrum.wav = ball hits side walls
Boing.wav = ball hits paddle. This sound may differ in pitch, depending on ball size
Wowpulse.wav = ball hits normal brick
Effect.wav = hitting a multi-hit brick
Padexplo.wav = lose a life
Glass.wav = hitting an invisible brick
Effect2.wav = expand paddle/big ball
Saucer.wav = blue power-up
Orchestr.wav = red power-up
Xploshor.wav/Xplosht1.wav/Tank.wav = exploding brick/fireball
Swordswi.wav = ball hits paddle edge
Ricochet.wav = fast ball hits paddle with sparks
Orchblas.wav = falling bricks
Sweepdow.wav = shrink paddle
Peow!.wav = multiply ball
Humm.wav = catch paddle
Gunfire.wav = shooting paddle
HighVoltage8.wav = zapping sound
Thunder8.wav = lightning strike
Fanfare.wav = extra life
FireLow8.wav = crackling sound in the opening credits