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Octodurus crashes Alpine Sandbox

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Level 14 Human wizard
Alignment: Good
Posted on April 6, 2015 at 8:12 pm

Over the past two weeks, I have been having a blast playing Hegemony Rome's Alpine sandbox as the Aedui. The run went reasonably smooth at first, until I attempted to siege the Salassi city of Octodurus.

This crash seems easy to reproduce from where I am, so I am supplying resources necessary to assist in fixing.
* Setup segment - The attack force I used in the city of Salassorum, assigned to groups 1-3
* Dump files - The first two occurred in the stable 2.2.1, the third in beta 2.2.2

Level 18 Extraplanar gamer
Alignment: True neutral
Posted on April 7, 2015 at 9:38 pm

Thanks a lot for all of the information. It does all appear to be the same bug, but unfortunately it is one I haven't been able to reproduce in the office so it has been difficult to fix.

I did try your savegame a couple of times and managed to take Octodurus without any problems. When I played I just selected all of your armies in Salassorum and then clicked on Octodurus to siege and then let it play out. Did you do anything differently when it crashed for you?

Even if I can't reproduce the crash I think I can probably fix the symptoms for the next Rome update.

Level 14 Human wizard
Alignment: Good
Posted on April 8, 2015 at 4:57 pm

It's a little hard to explain. I do initially siege exactly as you described it, but I fine tune as necessary to maximize the utility of the siege tower(s). Can't really do much to Octodurus, since it only has room for one siege tower.

Shortly after, when defenders come out (including mercenaries, if necessary), I order my ranged army to focus fire on one of their defending units to get them to rout as fast as possible. Sometimes I manually disengage my melee brigades from the city and pair them, one at a time, with each of the defenders.

Regarding reproduction, it could be my Windows 8.1 desktop, whose quality is all over the place. I currently play under the lowest settings without Anti-Aliasing. If it weren't for the significant resource consumption of my recording program, CamStudio, I could record a session and see if I can reproduce it on video.

Still, I will try your approach of simply playing it out and see if I can come up with anything different...

Update 1: I'll be darned. Just playing it out like you reported resulted in Octodurus surrendering. Compared to before, this is new. I did lose two slinger brigades just watching it play out

Update 2: Interesting. I mixed the tactics a little by sending in the melee units and a siege tower first, and then I sent in the ranged units when the melee were about half way to the city. Despite just playing it out afterward, still no crash, and I lose no units, either!

Update 3: Okay... I followed upon the previous edit's tactics and actively had the ranged units shoot down the defending units to limit recruits required to replace the losses. Still no crash!

Update 4: I suspect I have finally tracked down the origin. If I keep only the southeastern corridor occupied, I seem to be fine. If I use the slingers/archers to occupy any other corridor as well, then it crashes!

Level 18 Extraplanar gamer
Alignment: True neutral
Posted on April 8, 2015 at 6:29 pm

Thanks for the extra info. I'll try again using the techniques you mentioned. Also, if it's any help the crash is in the combat AI and relates to one of the AI's brigades getting deleted without updating the AI properly.

Update: I reproduced the crash when I focused just on killing the units rather than the siege (I even cheated to give the city more food to keep the battle going). I've still need to track down exactly what's happening, but it's a good start.

Level 14 Human wizard
Alignment: Good
Posted on April 8, 2015 at 8:25 pm

Likewise, thank you for [accidentally] uncovering a route that allowed me to avoid the crash that necessitated that I put the run on hold. The Salassi suffered from perpetual food problems during the run. IIRC, every city I ran into so far was out of food at the time I besieged them.