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Update 2.1 + New Playable Content!

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Posted on October 4, 2014 at 12:03 am
Tagged: hegemonyrome update dlc

We've got two big announcements this week: First off, we've officially launched Hegemony Rome 2.1 which includes the new mercenary hiring mechanic plus a handful of bug fixes and AI improvements. If you're playing on Steam you should have the update already, and for those who bought it here you can download the latest version through our download centre.

To showcase the new feature, we're also launching the Mercenaries DLC pack with 6 all-new unit types including the Garamante spearmen, Dacian swordsmen and the proto-viking Suione raiding ships. For a little background on the new units check out Britt's blog or head over to Steam for screenshots. You can grab the new unit pack for $4.99 directly from us or from most digital retailers like Steam or GamersGate.

And there's a lot more coming soon including new sandbox AI, new tactical options, more new units, plus something big that we'll discuss more as we get closer to the holidays.