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Hegemony Rome 2.1 Preview!

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Posted on September 26, 2014 at 7:46 pm
Tagged: hegemonyrome update preview

Heading into the weekend we've got a new preview available for the next major update of Hegemony Rome. Version 2.1 adds an all new mercenary mechanic that lets you hire fully trained veteran units using the new Mercenary Post upgrade. Mercenaries don't need recruits, but they are expensive and don't replaces losses after combat so you'll need to manage them wisely.

For now, available mercenaries include the standard skirmishers, spearmen, cavalry, etc. plus special units from the campaign like the Cretan Archers or Baelaric Slingers. However, we've also been working on some all-new units taken from around the Roman world that we'll be announcing in the coming weeks.

For those who haven't tried the previews before, you can access them in Steam by right-clicking the game in your list, opening the properties window and selecting 'update_testing' from the list on the betas tab. As with earlier previews, be warned this version has not been fully tested and some features may be incomplete.