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GK2Exception: Can't find Container Exit - Rome

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Level 7 Human gamer
Alignment: Lawful good
Location: Germany
Posted on June 5, 2014 at 12:59 pm

I allready did my duty and sent the .dmp to rob and i'm sure it will be adressed in due time.

While waiting i was wondering if anyone could tell me what could cause this. I get this error a lot (even after restarting the chapter and playing it all the way to the same point), i was hoping i could some way circumwent it. So if the message rings any bells, i'd appreciate your comment.

Level 14 Extraplanar Programmer
Alignment: Chaotic good
Location: Toronto
Posted on June 5, 2014 at 11:54 pm

It could be a few things.

There was a known problem with the Lost Warship in chapter 3. Its home was set to Atuatuca, which isn't on the sea, so if it was defeated and then returned home, and you tried to issue a move order to it, it had no way to exit. This has already been fixed, but if your saved game came from before it was fixed, your ship could be similarly broken. You can fix it by selecting it, putting your cursorover the sea, and typing this into the F2 console: getselected():setpos(getcursorposterrain()); getselected():sethome(getentitybytag("gesoriacum"))

There have been other exiting problems with the units on ships, for instance when issuing an order to a unit on a ship (like building a fort) that can't be completed because they're on the sea. I believe this was already fixed a release or two ago, though.

Theoretically, this could also be a problem with our map if you found a fort that wasn't set up properly, although this would be pretty easy to spot, since it would happen every time you issue an exit order.

If you can easily reproduce this bug, be sure to send Rob your saved game and a reproduction recipe. Reproduction recipes are always more useful to us than dump files.

Level 7 Human gamer
Alignment: Lawful good
Location: Germany
Posted on June 6, 2014 at 4:25 am

I've been trying to reproduce it actively but failed so far. I am in Chapter IV and doubt it has anything to do with ships (with mine anyway) but i'll try it.

From what you were saying about possible exiting problems and my experience that i can't controll it, i'd guess the problem lies with the Unified Gauls. in that case, however, i couldn't possibly be the only one experiencing it. i'll keep trying and report back if i find what causes of the problem.