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Early Access Update 3

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Posted on March 27, 2014 at 2:28 pm

We're back from the GDC this week and we're excited to announce we've got another Early Access update for Rome.

This update includes a variety of bug fixes, gameplay improvements, and highlights some of the great work the art team has been doing to bring the map to life.


- Fixed problems with abandoning Britannia objective
- Fixed auto-complete problem with Britannia supply objective
- Fixed problem with defend-based combat goals getting canceled if the player retreats
- Helvetii in combat tutorial now wait for the player to attack
- Fixed "path not found" message error for units routing in Britannia
- Fixed burn Menapii farm objective (now only affects farms, need to burn them more)
- Fixed multiple savegame problems
- Fixed more formation index bugs
- Fixed a crash in save game screen
- Fixed a bug with routed units not replacing recruits when they make it home
- Improved some issues with ship movement and formations
- Fixed crash from cities firing on units with attached generals
- Fixed excessive "Path Not Found" messages when units rout in Britannia
- Adjusted Burn Menapii farm objective in Chapter 3
- Fixed problem with upgrades being in the wrong slot when loading savegames
- Multiple levels of the same upgrade type are no longer allowed
- Some audio is temporarily disabled in the 32 bit version to conserve memory and improve stability
- Added unit tags for siege engines
- Disabled some less important log messages
- Added visible missile trails to improve feedback on ranged units
- Added more wildlife to the map
- Ranged units will now automatically fire on forts or cities when given a siege command (removed attack range command for sieging)
- Fixed problems with "Insufficient Space" errors when sieging