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Strategy and Atmosphere

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Level 9 Human gamer
Alignment: True neutral
Posted on February 21, 2014 at 11:23 pm

First in this time, where you can't find much development in the strategy games, the hegemony games are really something different. Especially the importance of supply lines I think is a high light.
In the current play the way finding and grouping of the ARMEES ARE very poor, as mentioned from others as well. To have the possibility to build groups with 1-9 as numbers and the different strategy forms of a legion are keen. Now you have a horde of romans which fight with a horde of gaules. The movements of the armys during the fight are too static. No much difference to the paradox games. The game map is great, but i.e. in the Alps the passes are so small, that you have no strategic possibilities. Here the archers should have the possibilities to use higher ways, or be direct in the mountains.
The game has an interest curve which starts high and at the end it is very slow, from my viewpoint, the game feels a bit dead. The scripted guys from time to time doesn't create enough life. The civilisation aspects of the Gaules might be not so sexy, but if you take the following times in view, then there are a lot of interaction with the senat, Ceasar, Pompeius, Agypt and the eastern countries etc. There should maybe more interaction with trade,diplomacy maybe with different characters. The countries should live there own life and should follow their own political targets, not start only script actions alone. Europa universalis 4 is not too bad in this direction. Creating an interesting game only with scripting, I don't think will work well. Your fine tuning might handle it.
I think that after fighting there should be a possibility to develop your country, means beside the battle oriented focus, a trade and cultural oriented aspect. Otherwise it is a conquerer game alone, and this would be a pitty if I see the potential of the games and the atmoshere is going down and kills the interest to do further games.
Sandbox could be very interesting, if an realistic interaction between Rome and Chartago which were already destroyed in Cesars time. But the fight between Antonius together with Agypt and Rome would be a great scenario.

Some further notes:
If I crash a legion, it makes sense to build up a new legion at the home location of this legion, but if Ceasar is wounded in Gaul, then it is unrealistic to find him after all besides the Alpes again. I think the programming and the strategical possibilities of the armys should be so that you can win the fight against Ariovist with your 4 legions and some help troops.
When I start the game it is slow and stops, after the intro it is fine.
When I went over the intro, I had one time the problem that Cesear didn't show up for his first meeting.
When I ordered 3 different troops to one place, the mostly only one followed the way, the other stopped and I had ti restart them.
When I ordered a Legion to a location then it happend that they were running and left an enemy nearby without any reaction
Maybe I'm blind, but I had problems to find the Generals in the troops, when I was looking over an info screen
In the list where you can find all troops characters etc. it should be possible to klick and find the character then.
I would find it a bit easier to play, if the colour system would show whether I have a friend or enemy in front of me. But I assume this will create problems during a sandbox games. There you need fixed colours fro nations.

Will there be mayor new developments of the game in relation to Hegemony Gold?