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Hegemony Rome: 1.9.99 rev 29491 x64

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Level 6 Human gamer
Alignment: Lawful good
Posted on February 13, 2014 at 8:28 pm

Chapter 1

Now that enemy factions are somewhat more aggressive and smarter, Aedui AI might need a buff too. As of now they don't even try to defend their cities. Raiders had no trouble capturing Cabilonnum.

Units sometimes stack in a single spot when defending a city.

I had a CTD while attacking the Suebi almost at the end of the chapter. Might have been the same one you guys had while streaming.
Error getting current formation offset. Unit: 42412576
germanspearmanunit Brigade: 21577416,
Formation index (18) exceeds number of positions (18).

Defeat Ariovistus Horde (objective):
Instead of going for Vesontio, all his units went straight to the village of Sedusii, which is outside my border.

Had plenty of gold at the end (+600) even though I didn't use a single mine while having a considerably large army.

I'd like to see enemies try to either destroy or capture player controlled camps every now and then. I haven't seen this happen yet.

Chapter 2

Unlike in chapter 1, enemies are still quite passive. Most cities I captured had barely any garrisons.

I had a CTD after destroying a Belgae controlled camp. Not sure if that's what made it crash though.
The instruction at 0x000007FF7FCD811C referenced memory at
0x0000000000000018. The memory could not be read.

Don’t know how I managed to do this but at some point I had a legion with -1281 xp

When trying to use a scorpion unit on an enemy city I always get the message "insufficient space"

Battle of the Sabis: Nervii AI completely idle, even when under fire.

Pathfinding issuewhen trying to connect the farm north of Samarobriva with a nearby bridge.