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Beta Update: 2014-02-08 (rev 29457)

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Posted on February 8, 2014 at 5:10 am
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As a few people have found already, there have been a couple new updates in the "beta" branch since yesterday. We've been holding off on the release notes as we were still testing and fixing some things.

This is probably our biggest update so far in terms of the amount of code and scripting that's been changed so there's a good chance we have broken a few new things. But we're going to be focusing again on bugs until the Early Access launch next week so we hope to get those resolved quickly.

You'll also noticed that the sandbox and chapter 3 & 4 are no longer accessible. As we've said, we're going to be launching the content in stages during Early Access, but we will make them available again for "internal" testing after we launch.

One of the other big changes is that cities no longer provide income. This is an experiment we're not completely committed to yet, but it was essential to balancing income in chapter 1 and we like that it puts the emphasis more on mines for income and cities for recruits. And now that you don't necessarily need a garrison to hold enemy cities they'll hopefully still be a net asset as a source of recruits.

And before we get to the release notes, thanks again for everyone's help. We've been extra busy this week preparing for the EA launch, but we're excited that it's all coming together and we're eager to get back to development and incorporating all of the great feedback we've gotten.


* Fixed AI reinforcement crash
* Fixed bug that halted the second wave of attackers at Bibracte
* Fixed script crash during Ariovistus battle
* Suebi AI no longer expands until after Magetobria
* Fixed bugs, formatting and performance issues in the Asset list
* Fixed income/expense tooltip
* Fort and bridge costs are now included in expenses
* Cities no longer provide income
* AIs by default no longer try to capture targets outside the boundary
* Fixed some AI combat pathfinding bugs
* Savegames no longer crash when trade route reference buildings that have moved or been deleted
* Rewards implemented for all chapter 1 objectives
* Important enemies are now visible in the fog
* Quest tracker now shows how many objectives are hidden
* Added requisitioning tutorial
* Added enemies to vesontio objective
* Savegames can be deleted from the save/load screens
* Player now receives a fort near bibracte and doesn't get the city until after the battle
* Fixed bug with AI raiding/scavenging
* Most achievements should now be working