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Beta Update 3

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Level 17 Extraplanar gamer
Alignment: True neutral
Posted on January 25, 2014 at 5:42 pm
Tagged: hegemonyrome beta

I'm a little slow on getting out the release notes, but I posted an update to the Rome beta branch yesterday: rev 29305.

This is still mostly a bug fixing update (see changes below), but we're hoping to get back to some more balancing and AI improvements next week.

As a note, we're working on polishing/balancing the campaign chapters in order which means most of our focus is still on chapter 1 right now. For those who've been playing the later chapters, we do appreciate the feedback and I've been filing it all in our database for reference, but we likely won't get to dealing with issues specific to later chapters for a while yet.

Thanks again for everyone's help and feedback!


* Fixed individual pathfinding bugs in the alps so units should be much less likely to walk over mountains.
* Fixed major bugs with units reinforcing across long distances (can still be slow to update when new routes are created or destroyed)
* Recruitment buffs no longer displayed when units are in the field outside of resupply zones
* Fixed bug with hostages in cities no longer having an effect when the game is reloaded
* Re-implemented keyboard shortcuts for the Objective Log (L) and Upgrades window (K)
* Vehicles (siege towers, scorpions, etc) can now be disbanded in forts or cities
* Floating unit tags can now be used to select units
* Fixed bug that caused some AI to forget their mission when re-loading a savegame
* Fixed crash bug when trying to use siege towers on a fortified bridge
* Added Marsh movement attribute for all Menapii and Alpine movement for all Salassi
* Fixed bug that allowed player units to plot paths through some enemy cities
* Faction hostility is now increased during capturing e.g. Salassi will turn hostile early if you attack one of their cities
* Cleaned up faction hostility messages
* Fixed bug that prevented AI from exiting to defend their cities
* Fixed CTD with Scopio death animation
* Fixed CTD when setting anti-aliasing to 16x
* In-game anti-aliasing settings now work (although it may still require restarting when switching from off to on)
* Resolution settings should now be saved
* Unit portrait list no longer scrolls back to the top when selecting units
* Fixed bug that caused 'Raid node already has a goal' crash when loading some savegames
* Reduced flashing in the diplomacy window and removed reference to a missing sprite that caused a CTD
* Re-enabled corpse and terrain blood effects
* Fixed problems with the scrollbar in the objective and asset windows
* Routed units can no longer be used to construct camps or bridges
* Savegame delete buttons are in-place but not functional yet

Level 8 Human Master & Commander, HMS Spitfire
Alignment: Lawful
Location: N. Atlantic, 1793
Posted on January 25, 2014 at 7:03 pm

I've played through Chapter 1 again with no issues. Ave!