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Hegemony: Gold sound distortion bug (fixed, I believe)

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Posted on January 3, 2013 at 7:39 pm
Tagged: hegemony gold sound distortion bug fix soundcard

I have fixed this for myself, If you are looking for the quick fixing tip, scroll down to the bold text, if you are a reader, likes reading procedures or simply don't like to skip text, do read from the next line.

Hello, I have recently purchased the game from Steam, downloaded it and installed, no problem what-so-ever with the game itself, only a slight bug that I found on the sound, it might be configuration-related as I used to have something very similar about 6-7 years ago with other games.

When the game starts there is a sound distortion that keeps playing no matter what. It's like when you switched to an offline channel on old tvs, I do not possess the knowledge of what this sound is called in the english language, I am sorry for that. - Come to think about it, not even in portuguese (my native language).
Anyway, I tried to start the game with all sounds muted, but to no avail.

As far as I am concerned nothing of the sort happened with no other games before. So I unplugged the sound from the soundcard and into the on-board audio-out of my motherboard, the game played flawlessly (except for a minor sound problem on my sound system, but that probably doesn't matter).

After some superfluous thought, I remembered that when it happened it was on windows XP 32bits, so I configured that stuff with sound acceleration and it usually helped a little.
This time around I am using a Win7 64bits, and those acceleration options were nowhere to be found (I also didn't have the time and stamina to carefully search every single window).

Then I suspect it must be a soundcard-related configuration,and it was. I bought a new soundcard (an ASUS Xonar DSX PCI-E 7.1)and it haD this sound problem during the game. - During my non-stop debug mode I was able to fix it, I think. I now continue this post as a warning and possible fix for someone having the same problem with the same (and possibly similar sound problem/card) - and the Devs, should they concern themselves with this sort of problem.

Having my 'expertise' I thought: if it has to do with acceleration, then it MUST be configuration-related, windows did not help me, but the software to config the soundcard did. Mine - and possibly yours, fellow bug fixer - has stuff to increase quality and the sorts. I deactivated such machinations - specifically on my case it was the GX (DO NOT ASK ME WHAT THAT IS, I DO NOT KNOW, IT SHONE WHEN I CLICKED IT THE FIRST TIME, HENCE I KEPT IT ACTIVATED), it also has Hi-Fi, but I did not activate it.

Then I proceeded to test the game again: NO DISTORTION, everything 100%, I think, the game is still open as I type this and, well, it's okay.

So, fellow bug-fixer - us, that even when they tell us there is no hope, we hope, when they say it cannot be done, we do, when they say it cannot be fixed, we fix - if you have problems with sound distortion in-game (this or any other game, probably) deactivate acceleration configurations - windows-wise or soundcard-wise. Most modern software has some sort of checkbox to activate some shiny stuff to make you think you're having a nice consumerist experience, it might shine and be cheerful to the eye, but be aware, it always comes with a price, something, somewhere, somehow, some-when will have a problem with it, and it almost never does any difference anyway, it is not a sacrifice to deactivate some stuff to make a game playable, remember this. Unless it's your computer/console, then it's not much use anyway.

Thank you for your patience, I honestly hope this can help you if you are having problems. If this does not help, DO NOT DESPAIR, always think logically, everything in life is based on systems and sub-systems (like huge spaceships), there are rules, and when something breaks or does not work, analyze the systems to which the bug belongs, something, somewhere is wrong, and it can always be fixed. ALWAYS. That does not mean it's easy.

Thank you once more.