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Unable to see all troop formation indicators (Graphic/UI)

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Level 9 Human Gamer
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Location: Alberta, Canada
Posted on November 8, 2012 at 11:49 am

I've been playing Hegemony since a bit before Gold, and had played the Gold beta.

One of the things I always thought was cool was the way you can re-arrange your formations when you have the group selected;
sliding the 'boxes' around and resizing them.

Well one thing I had noticed awhile back, but didn't pay much attention to since I figured it was just my PC, was not all indicators,
or elements are showing anymore when trying to adjust formations. Making it difficult or even impossible to customize your troop formations.
For example I'll select several troops then right-click on a location for them to march to. Usually you'll only be able to see the arrows on the sides
for rotating and re-sizing the formation, but can't change the actual troops position within the formation. I've noticed usually I can only see a single troop.

Here are a few images that might explain what I'm talking about. The second image is the same as the first but zoomed in a little closer. <-This one isn't for formations, but shows sometimes the movement arrow doesn't show the full length. Perhaps indicating other UI issues.

I had selected several units and right-clicked a bit ahead of them. I can see a single indicator for the position of one of the units, but the other ones
are like they're invisible.
This also happens if I want to hold left-click on a group to 'slide' the whole group around and re-position it. Once I 'grab' it I can't see where
I'm moving it to; I can't see their formation.

I had ignored this issue before because I thought it was just my PC, but I've recently bought a whole new PC and have the same issue, and as I've been
playing the game heavily again, I thought I should mention or ask about it.

I'm currently using v1.5.7 beta 2.
And I'm running all settings on High, but Shadows Off, and Sound Quality Low.

I'm not sure if I've explained the issue fully and properly, so ask away if you have any questions, or the issue isn't clear.
PC Specs
Windows 7x64 Home Premium
Nvidia GeForce GTX 650Ti
Intel Core i5-2500K Quad@3.3GHz

Level 17 Extraplanar gamer
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Posted on November 9, 2012 at 10:16 pm

Thanks for the report. I was able to duplicate the problem and I believe I've tracked it down to an odd compiler issue related to a change we made to increase the accuracy of the internal game clock in ver 1.5.7 beta. I'm just testing the fix now and we'll make sure it gets into the next update.