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Hegemony Gold 1.5.7 beta and a French fan translation

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Posted on August 24, 2012 at 10:37 pm
Tagged: hegemony hegemonygold patch

We're releasing a new patch for Hegemony Gold today that fixes a handful of rare bugs. The most important bug fix in this release fixes a problem on high-end computers where the seasons would no longer change when you've been playing one campaign for over 100 hours, but read the whole post for the full change log.

As always, we're releasing it as a beta first just to be safe, but our patch betas tend to be pretty safe to install. To get this version, just download it here and install it over your existing copy. If you have any feedback, leave it in this news thread, or email me or Rob directly.

In other news, Socros and FRGO from the website Jeux-Strat├ę have been spending the last three and a half months translating Hegemony Gold into French. Hegemony has over 100 thousand words, so this is quite the undertaking. If you speak French and you would like to get their translation, head over to the Jeux-Strat├ęgie forum post and follow the instructions.

Keep reading for the 1.5.7 beta 1 change log.

* Increased floating-point precision on date calculations. This was causing the seasons to stand still when players with high frame rates played for over 100 hours.
* Jumping to targets in the alert manager didn't always preserve the camera height and rotation.
* Pressing the "jump to alert" button while in the middle of a jump now moves immediately to the target.
* Fixed a crash when making very long trade routes.
* Fixed a crash when ordering units on boats to enter mines.
* Removed the link style under the "Auto-pause on new events" text, since it's not actually a link.

Edit: I neglected to credit FRGO, who had done about half of the French translation. Sorry about that.