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Stock Weapons: My Guide

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Posted on August 19, 2005 at 8:08 pm

[size=9]Cobra 9092 August 18, 2005

This is a guide to making stock weapons in TreadMarks.

How to find things

Note: Open all files using notepad, Microsoft word, word, etc.

Stock mod definition: A weapon made that can be seen by others even if it is not downloaded.

How to find all the things mentioned in this guide:

All you have to do is go into your treadmarks folder (Default is C:
Program Files/Treadmarks/addons I think) Then go to the Entities folder. That
is where you will find the following:

Bauble, (I never use it),
Course, (just junk for the checkpoints in race maps, which isn't too helpful unless you want different colored poles and stuff...),
Crud, (mostly the same as smoke I think),
Explo,(where your explosions are, this is used alot),
Explosphere, (just like its name sounds... an explosion that is a sphere.. like the 120mm shell when it hits a tank),
Flags, (the team flag colors. (red, black, green, etc.),
GUI, (probably something you don't want to mess with.. although I have never tried.. it is the menu backgrounds and buttons and that sort of thing),
Icons, (how it sounds, the icons for things),
Insignia, (the flags),
Mesh, (the object shapes, but if you create one, other people must download to see, so I suggest using the pre-made meshes that come with the game),
Particle Fire, (I do not exactly know what this is.. %| but It only has one item in it...)
Powerup, (Powerups... You can make your own and other people can see them)
RaceTank, (All the tanks, they can see your created ones, but they cannot use them unless they download it)
Shrubbery, (only has one file in it, some kind of tree),
Skybox, (the texture of the sky),
Skyplane, (has terrain stuff in it, not used for weapons),
Smoke, (smoke, used in almost every weapon, not to mention tanks),
Sound, (where the sounds are),
Spewer, (a sphere that can spew smoke, explosions, missiles, etc.)
Squishy, (animals you find in maps),
Streamer, (only two files, it is basically smoke),
Tankgod, (the settings for all tanks in general),
Text, (has the letters in it, so unless you don't like the regular letters, this has nothing useful in it),
Tree, (trees),
Tutorial, (set weapons in the tutorial),
Projectile, (what a weapon is set to shoot)
Weapon, (the most used folder that has.. weapons!)

Basically the only folders I use are: Weapon, projectile, explo, explosphere, insignia, powerup, smoke, sound, and spewer.

Making a weapon…

There are many different things you can put into a weapon file that will change its appearance, its statistics, and many different things. I will go down a list and tell you what all the different words you can put in are and what they do. (you will understand, just keep reading)

Projectile = ___ put the name of the projectile you want to shoot, I suggest nukemissile for your first, always awing no matter what weapon it is J

Ammo = how much ammo you want your weapon to have

Bolton = where it is attached to your tank. (0 = left side of turret, 1 = turret, 2 = right side of tank, 3 = rear)

ReloadTime = how long the weapon takes to reload (in seconds)

LaunchAngle = more advanced, but this is where you set what angle you want your projectile to come out. (first number refers to pitch, second is yaw, third is roll) Example: -7, 0, 0 (this is the launchangle in an MRL)

LaunchCoords = sort of like launchangle, except this is not which WAY it comes out, it is WHERE it comes out. Unless you want something like an airstrike, you usually don't need to change this.

LaunchSpread = the same as launch angle, but this makes each projectile vary) Example: -10 0, 0. The projectile could come out anywhere from –10 pitch to 0.

LaunchCount = the number of projectiles to fire at once. Note you don't have to set this, as its default is one, but if you want something like wasps it can be handy.

GlobalCoords = like launchcoords, except this does the same no matter what angle the weapon itself is facing

FireSoundEnt = the sound to play when you fire.

NOTE: In some of these you must specify the type (or folder) that it should look in to find the given name)

Weight = its name is deceiving, although it DOES NOT change the weight of your tank while holding it. This refers to how often it appears at a white dot on the map. Example: a shadow has 12, while a dirtball has 100.

SecRotMin = Stands for Secondmesh Rotation Minimum. this is what spins the barrel on an avenger, ramdrill, R-grenade launcher etc. It's usually best just to leave the secrots be.

SecRotMax = Second Rotation Maximum

SecRotWindup = Second Rotation Windup

SecMeshOffset = Offsets the second mesh from the main mesh the given coordinates.

AmmoDisplayMult = if you don't understand what it is saying it means whatever number you put in, it multiplies the ammo DISPLAY times that. This does NOT change the ammo amount. This was used in the avenger… you just thought it shot eleven shots at once. ;)

SecEnt = creates another entity to go alongside the weapon. (you must specify the class AND type)

Comment: Nooooooo!! I wrote a lot more but it crashed. L Whew! Atleast it recovered most of it..

SecEntOffset = Coordinates to offset the second entity

PickupSound = Sound to play when weapon is picked up (remember to set to vox if you want words)

SpawnSound = Sound to play when your weapon spawns

SpawnEntity = the entity to create when your weapon spawns

InEntity = entity to create when weapon connects to tank

OutEntity = entity to create when weapon is picked up or disappears

TransmuteTexture = Ever wondered how the shadow changed your tank texture? This is how! Put a 1 and it will make your tank take on the weapon's texture.

TransmutePerturb = Ever wondered how the shadow made you jelloey? This is how!
You can make it just the right wobble by putting any number here. (0.0 is default while 0.5 is what the shadow has.)

Mesh1 = The first mesh you want (I suggest copying and pasting a mesh from the weapon that's shape you want.

Mesh2 = second mesh

Mesh3 = you know..

Secmesh1 = the second first mesh J This is mostly for spinning barrels and stuff.

Secmesh2 3 4 5 etc.= second second, third, fourth, and fifth meshes

Texture = the texture of your weapon. To see the textures, go to art. (not in the entities) then go to textures. If you don't want one that is in textures you can just specify. Like if you want a sprite, just put in Sprite/flareblue, lumpysmoke1, etc.

And that is about all you can put into a weapon! : D

Now on to projectile!

Making a projectile…

Projectiles can have meshes, while the others just have sprite textures.

Mesh1 = the only mesh

Texture = the texture, specify for sprites

GuideSpeed = the amount the projectile can speedup guiding

GuideMax = maximum accelerative speed change, 5 is default

GuideBias = "Amount to bias rear target distances in closest target calc, 2.0 will make rear targets half as likely." (quoted from readme…. I don't fully understand it myself)

GuideRamp = seconds before guidance is at max force

TimeToLive = how long the projectile lives (in seconds)

FollowGround = if set to anything above 0, the projectile will not explode upon impact with the ground. If you set it to a higher number, the projectile cannot come down, so I suggest 0.1-1 unless you want it to never hit anybody (can be useful if you want it to drop bombs J)

Bounce = floating point amount of collision force to bounce off the ground with

LaunchInertia = the amount of the tanks speed momentum to put into the projectile.

SplashDamage = the amount you damaged while inside the center of the radius, decreases for targets farther out

SplashRadius = radius in meters of the splash damage

Splashpush = how much to push those inside the radius.

Detonate = default is 0, if you set it to 1, that means at the end of it's timetolive it will detonate, using its explosion, if it is set to 0, it will disappear

SmokeTrailOffset = Offset from the center of the projectile to let out smoke. Default is 0, 0, 0.

HitScan = set to 1 to make your projectile hit instantly instead of putting something like speed = 99999 (hitscan is used in laser and mass round)

HitScanRange = how far the hitscan ranges

Iterations = how many smoketrails, etc. per meter of hitscan. Default is 10.

SelfHitDelay = the time in seconds before you can hit yourself with this projectile. (does not count splash)

Name = Type here what you want it to say when you frag someone with it. (be sure to take out "NameID" in the weapon you use

NameID = index into weapons. In a text file outside they have all the names of the weapons. You should use "name"

SmokeTrailTime = how much time between smoke trail entities, default is 0.02

SmokeTrial = set to 1 for a smoketrail, 0 for none

SmokeTrailEnt = specify smoke trail (smoketrail must be set to 1). Note: You can make it use anything if you specify… even other projectiles.

ExploEnt = The explosion

ExploHitEnt = the explosion when you hit a tank/object

SmokeEnt = the Ent to create when the projectile is fired.

SoundEnt = the sound to play

FlareEnt = the flare for the projectile

Gravity = how much gravity affects the projectile

Damage = how much to damage the enemy it hits. 1.0 would be a tank, but armor takes it down, so if you want your projectile to instantly destroy, set it to 2.0+

Speed = meters per second

Class = set this to projectile

Type = the name of your projectile (same that you put in the weapon)

Spiral = how much it spirals

SpiralRamp = More with spiral

SpiralPeriod = how long it takes to finish one spiral

Now you have your projectile!

To make explosions/smoke/ etc. all you have to do is look at the readme, set the texture and stuff, then try it out!

I hope this guide helped you! Happy modding!

If you have any questions, comments, or maybe something I missed, post it here.

_-‘-_Cobra 9092_-‘-_

My weapons:

BIG mine launcher
Lil Nuker
Sweeper Gun
Anti-Tank Gun
Spear Thrower
Chaos Bomb
Slo mo Misso
Main Gun
Fiery Missile Launcher
LR Missile Launcher
Laser Swirler
Short Driver
GTG Missiles
Heal Wrencher
Bad Ammo Thrower
Hill Maker
Crater Maker
Patriotic Missile Launcher
Inertia Baller
Inertia Airstrike
Ice Blitzer
Quick Driver
Ice MG
Inertia MG

Weapons I will soon make:

Shadow Avenger (Not hitscan)

Shadow Strike

Shadow Flamer (hitscan, although not the same color. Shoots farther, hits much less)


Mass Dirt (a mass round with modded dirtballs as smoke. Bro thought of this one :D ) [/size]

Level 14 Human gamer
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Posted on August 19, 2005 at 8:10 pm

I may add a spewer how-to if you guys need it. I hope this helps. :D

Level 14 Human gamer
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Posted on August 19, 2005 at 11:06 pm

:D excellent!... ty Cobra 9092... I will wait before posting anything else... going to read the whole thread :wink: bbl

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Posted on August 20, 2005 at 12:44 am

This can all be found in the Entity Entry Key(EEK). The file can be found on my site, under downloads.

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Posted on August 20, 2005 at 1:08 am

Nice Cobra :D. Just a reminder that you can make the fonts bigger or smaller. Just highlight, and choose the size. It's good for making large posts as it makes the text smaller, and thus takes up less space. :wink:

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Posted on August 20, 2005 at 1:21 am

could not have said it better my self... i just did not have the time to post any thing that long or the want to... but as coax added it is in EEK.. Its a life saver for sure many times over. :)

Level 14 Human gamer
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Posted on August 20, 2005 at 12:24 pm


I love it! Shoving, jousting, dirtballing, digging... it's all there. And wonkiness to go around soon enough.

Gratis! (it's in green as in Gleeful)

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Posted on August 20, 2005 at 11:51 pm

informative :) nice pic dudymas :)

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Posted on August 21, 2005 at 4:13 pm


I love it! Shoving, jousting, dirtballing, digging... it's all there. And wonkiness to go around soon enough.

Gratis! (it's in green as in Gleeful)

Digging? I thought we called that mining :) :)

Level 14 Human Unaffiliated Game Maker
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Posted on August 22, 2005 at 2:20 pm

Wow you had the time to write all of that?

You would go to heaven (if I beleived in it) :lol: