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posibility of mod tools is there any guys :) ?

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Level 8 Human mage
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Location: au sydney
Posted on February 26, 2011 at 10:04 am

Hi longbow first off id like to thank you for making such an epic game im having a hell of a lot of fun playing it so far :) (oh yea ive played the vanila and gold version gold rocks its what the original was missing :) )
Now on to the main topic hehe

Is there any chance that there will be moding tools released for us to play with ?
As we all know even a map editor has made games last a lot longer in the market let alone mod tools. The greatest thing with these types of rts games is the chance to mod them and play around with adding new things or changing them completly :)
i for one would love to have the chance to mod this game once ive finished it. This would keep me coming back to play it endlessly especialy if there was a way to have some sort of sand box multiplayer battles (or just battles in a map of your choosing like age of empires against multiple ppl/with multiple ppl vs ai)