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Numerous Suggestions

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Level 9 Human gamer
Alignment: True neutral
Posted on January 8, 2011 at 4:18 pm

Firstly both versions of the games are fantastic, they rate in my top 5 games, I think as independent developers you have excelled beyond the big games companies and have really brought a fantastic game to the market, which has masses of content re-playability and most importantly it is fun to play. And all of what I am going to say is no critique merely suggestions which most likely will be ahistorical or silly ideas, but something perhaps to bear in mind either in this project if you still are open to new ideas or for your next project to come.

1) Forts I use only to make connections with mines, I can't remember the last time I saw an enemy fortify a fort, and they are so easy to capture, surely they were meant to be harder to capture in the time frame the game is set. So thinking about this, what if you had the option to upgrade and downgrade your forts? A bit of Gold cost per upgrade? That way the strategic importance of forts would be greatly increased and add a whole new dynamic to the game.

2) I am not sure if this ever occured in Philips time, but it certainly did in the time of Alexander the Great, where coastal cities would be attacked or harrassed from the sea, in game terms ships helping besiege a city either by taking a certain percentage away from the cities HP, or by constantly whittling it down like normal units. Is this possible in the game engine?

3) Plenty of people have complained about the supply nodes problem, how about instead of granting more supply nodes, different farms and mines grant varying amounts of gold to be representative of the regions wealth, so less mines and farms are needed in the game?

4) Farms I assume are meant to represent agricultural settlements, what if the city you connected the farm to, give a small manpower boost to the city?

5) When the AI or the player burn farms it is a bit of a pain in the ass, but merely a really minor setback, however in history when agricultural areas where put under the flame, it took them years to recover, if this were to be implemented it would place more historical and strategic value on them.

6) I love the special one off units in the game like companion cavalry, hypastists etc, any chance of others that would historically correct?

7)The seasons are a very nice touch to the game, but are a bit too clockwork for my liking what if it was possible that there was a terrible harvest, or a fantastic harvest? An exceptionally cold winter, that reduces the morale of men outside cities, or perhaps this spring is a relatively good one, bonus to morale and to food output.

8) Additionally I love the constant use of small engagments, however when the enemy send a large army of forces they tend to just capture the one city, and either stay put or send most of the troops back home, generals at the time would of greatly understand the importance of carrying on the moment.

9) I am not sure if this is represented in the game or not, but Island cities tended to be alot more defensible than inland cities and perhaps this could be portrayed.

10) Much like the forts, I would think it would be nice if you had the option to upgrade the walls on cities at the cost of gold, that way you could make border cities (or any city you want really) more defencable.

11) For soldiers that have run out of food, perhaps they should slowly one by one start to die off, so say like if they have been at 0 food for 5 mins, 1 of them dies every 30 seconds that they stay at 0 food.

12)At the time of Philip, there existed in Greece 2 wonders of the world the Statue of Zeus, and the Mausoleum of Halicarnussus, It would be nice if they gave you a small global boost for possessing them.

13)After the capture of a city perhaps the men who besieged the city where to receive a boost in their current morale for having captured the city.

For now thats all I can think of for now, thanks once again for creating such a great game.

edit a few more suggestions.

14) Shrines are a nice touch to the game, however when the area is secure and not going to be harassed by raids, they serve no purpose, what if they gave a global boost to the units recruited from the region of the shrines.

15) In Hegemony Gold the generals residences no longer exist as a function, however what if these places could be hubs for hiring mercenaries (perhaps non replenishable ones).Ancient Greek Kingdoms had a heavy reliance on mercenaries, and that way armies would be more spiced up, as I would no longer need to invade for example Paoenia to get the benefit its cavalry and archers.

16)Diplomacy was a fantastic edition to the game, what if diplomacy could be extended, where you could ask a AI faction to join you in war, or perhaps trade food for gold or vice versa.

17) The supply system in this game is one of its greatest additions to the genre, but workers and slaves carry very little food to feed the armies, what if a new unit was introduced like a supply wagon, which had a higher amount of food it could store, that way it is more historical and the player has less reliance on sheep.

18)There is a general lack of large scale battles (or at least so far for me, I always start new campaigns after conquering most of mainland Greece, Macedon, Illyria and most of the Balkans) and I would love to see large scale battles that determine the outcome of the war. Many of the conquests of Ancient Greece relied one large battles that the looser would then cede territory without the need to seige them all after. What if there was a message/mission saying that if we go into region a, then we will be required to beat their armies to gain some of the territory, victory will result in the gain of the territories, and loss will require the need to campaign against each city one by one, and defeat each armies one by one. Perhaps modelled on events that if General x,y and z defeated then give to faction a,b,and c. I am not sure if this can be represented in the game, and is more a wish than a reality.

19)Probably a nightmare to code and unable to do in the engine, but perhaps peace deals where I agree to pay the sum of 150 to receive the city of so and so, or in exchange for peace I return this city. Philip was famous for this form of diplomacy(although he often would change his mind when he wanted to expand again)

20)This will be somewhat ahistorical for Philip but not so for history, with the migrants it would be nice if you sent them to a city of foreign culture that it would be possible to colonise them, and thus they would be able to produce native macedonian units.

21)Philips gold often funded revolts in territories he did not have, what if the same could be done to weaken the enemy before your armies march in.

Once again, these suggestions are not imperative, merely a few ideas to bounce around to give more substance to this already fantastic game.