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Few bugs

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Level 10 Human Contractor
Alignment: Good
Location: Toronto
Posted on November 30, 2010 at 1:12 pm

I have noticed an odd behavior by peltests while in group. When I give a group an attack order from the back of my lines they do nothing. I have to individually tell them what to do in order to attack.

Another one was the AI being silly as it sometimes is. It was holed up in unwalled Pelagonia with 9 peltests, 3 cavalry and 1 spearmen unit. I captured the city without a fight. AI just kept the units inside the city while it was being conquered. I just found another save with the same situation this time in the walled city (siege_oddities save game).

Athenian navy has a tendency to get in to a Mexican standoff. With my troops waiting on the beaches the Triremes just sit there without ever unloading troops or leaving. They only react if attacked.

Last one was a minor visual glitch where I sent 2 catapult units to a position and on the board map level the destination position was showing as if the units were already there. The actual units were semi transparent.

I'm sending you the save games as well.