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Beta 9 download?

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Level 9 Human True Nerd
Alignment: Chaotic good
Location: Meran
Posted on November 28, 2010 at 9:17 pm

I don't like Beta 10. It feels to me like battleline and support role of troops have been reversed. Even worse for me, it looks like the game doesn't apply any kind of missile defense, as all type of units die with the same speed in javelins/arrow/bolts fire. I personally think its a bug, cause i don't see why every troop should die because of one bolt of the town defenses, no matter what unit it is (i have tried with hoplites, special hoplites, phalangites on the sandbox mode). Maybe i'm mistaken and that is purpose, i hope not. Anyway, i would like to know if there is any chance of downloading the previous beta, which had the opposite problem, hoplites and cavalry used to be godlike against missiles. But i enjoyed the battles more back then. Any help?
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