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Posted on November 19, 2010 at 4:02 pm

Back in September, indie darling Cliffski started running an experiment to see if it would be effective to get a bunch of indie developers to share an advertising pool, and we were lucky enough to be included in his experiment.

It was a pretty simple experiment, actually. He put up a site at with a randomized list of indie games, and everybody involved pitched in some money for an ad campaign pointing to the site.

Well, now the experiment is over, and Cliff has posted a summary of the experiment on his blog, which he's calling a success. I'm personally inclined to agree wholeheartedly: here at Longbow, marketing has always been one of our biggest weaknesses, and Show Me The Games quickly became our biggest referrer, and I'm sure it's introduced Hegemony to gamers that wouldn't have heard of us otherwise.

Even though the experiment is over, Show Me The Games is still active, and it's a great list of indie games, including some of my favourites. So when you're trying to introduce a friend to the wonderful world of indie games, be sure to point them to, because it's a great resource.