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RBT Glichs....

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Level 14 Human gamer
Alignment: True neutral
Posted on August 4, 2005 at 7:30 am

I noticed that skull man (on old forum) said power-ups cannot be edited while online, if you saw edited power-ups, something is really wrong.

That's not exactly what I said...

You may edit the advanced options (powerups) offline, by changing them through battle mode setup... with that there's nothing wrong if any player online has customized powerup settings. Besides, players using the older versions can still host, customize powerups and play online WITHOUT having to going offline at befforehand.

ok rick u said i have up to five names to use on rbt.
i have 4 that are active. it won't let me create a 5th name?
but like i said before i have 2 names that are deleted. but they remain in the game. so there is still a problem there. main problem can't create 5th name. Reason i think is because thoughs names remain even though they are consitdered deleted.
thanks for the help with everything u have done so far. Very Happy :D

That's a bug in both RB and RB Tournament. You may create up to five players, but if you delete one of them, they'll still be stick to the server.

I think it's because they're supposed to be restored if deleted by accident... but if you fill up your list and delete any of your players, you can't make a new one because the server will remember the previous accounts.

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