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Posted on September 9, 2010 at 2:06 am

With the crowning of another Omeganaut and the exit of the cos-playing masses, PAX Prime is officially over for another year. We made it back to the office Monday but after days of nine hour expos, five hour concerts and a sleepless flight home we're just beginning to get back to normal. We got to meets lots of cool people at the show and in a few surreal moments found out both Tycho and Steve Jackson are fans of the game. We also met with a lot of press and did a ton of interviews over the weekend and I'll try to get all the links up as I find them. For starters here is some coverage on G4 and what was at the time a bizarre cos-play interview with Machinima. If you're a fan of PA and watch the cos-play video you might figure out why we kept getting biblical references all weekend. I was also told we'd be on X-Play this week but I don't know when.

Big thanks to Gabe, Tycho, PRD, Robert, all the enforcers (especially our personal enforcer, Raptor) and everybody else who helped organize this amazing show and gave us the chance to showcase our game. And don't forget to check out the other PAX 10 winners, which is a testament to how great the indie game scene has become. Some of our favourites include Puzzle Bots, Altitude, and everyone's favourite side of beef, Super Meat Boy.

PAX officially ended our summer Hegemony tour and so we're going back to doing the whole 'developer' thing again which might mean the news will be a little quieter but don't worry we've got some big plans underway so stay tuned for more announcements in the coming months.

As a reminder, we're doing a Hegemony discussion panel at the IGDA Toronto chapter meeting tonight at Metro Hall in Toronto at 7:30.

Update: Some coverage over at Bombcast about an hour into their podcast as well as on their forums. There's also a summary post on DIYGamer with promises of more to come.

Update 2: Dexter345's blog post on the PAX 10 is now up on Destructoid.