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Possible hacker?

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Level 12 Human Writer & Computer Consultant
Alignment: Good
Location: Somewhere between the Havens and the Pits
Posted on July 3, 2010 at 3:18 pm

Player with the use-name of "Bone" was just on my server. Almost all his (over 188) kills were of other PLAYERS, even with the Black Plague. Since 18 bots are in-server, this is nearly impossible. More significantly: When he appeared directly in front of one of the players and he instantly died due to their weapon, he logged off server.

Sure sounds like a performance-enhancing hack on his end.

Pity I was in-server myself and not at console. Would have banned him long enough to get his IP.

Anyone else see this turkey?

Level 9 Human
Alignment: Evil
Location: Indiana (Hayden)
Posted on July 4, 2010 at 10:09 am

Ive just got back to playing was going threw my CDs and came across TM thought what da hell see if any one is playin...:\ Ive only seen a cpl players and i use the LDA still to rusty 4the others and ive net seen the name listed. Thats kinda y i gave up gaming I played Ghost Recon for 8yrs even ran a clan for a bit but the stupid hacks and cheats just make the gaming less of an adventure any more.If u all like racing sims goto cool demo u can play online or the upgrades isnt to shabby either.

Level 14 Human Sr Code Monkey
Alignment: Chaotic
Location: lost in the evil lands, of soccer-mom piloted minivans....
Posted on July 4, 2010 at 7:49 pm

You can't hack Treadmarks in that way, since the game is a dictatorship when the server and only the server can determine position, speed, hit and miss, number of rounds left, firing time of a weapons, etc. Which means that a server op can easily overload the server with the wrong or bad mods, as the server is handling all the book-keeping for the clients.

Something that can happen is that one of the mod has a flaw, in which the server can't determine who "owns" the projectile that registered a frag. Usually it ends up being credited to 'The World', but there are certain ents that will cause the game to think the last player mentioned by the game (being fragged, fragging, alt-k-ing, joining whatever) "owned" the projectile.

Most Ents inherit ownership, but some ents don't and using these ents in a particular way with weapons will cause this issue.

An example or an overwhelmed server: in the original version of my Armageddon server, I was using a beta of a SSO weapon I created which, when a player was fragged by this weapon, the game registered the player as being fragged multiple times by different AIs. The weapon was causing too many spawned ents, and eventually led to memory corruption when the server was up for a few days leading into this problem.