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Announcing Rival Ball 1.4

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Level 23 Human gamer
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Posted on June 5, 2003 at 12:00 pm

Rival Ball 1.4 is now ready as a freeware upgrade. Click here to download and try it or upgrade your current version. Rival Ball 1.4 will install into the LDAgames folder and should read any DX-Ball 2 and Rival Ball boards installed on your system. If it doesn't, then just copy the contents of the DX-Ball 2 and Rival Ball Series 1 and Series 2 boards folders into the LDA Games\Rival Ball\Boards folder.
New Features:

* Boards are now sorted by board-pack
* Players can now post scores to our High-Scores page.
* Rival Ball 1.4 auto-saves when you quit and has a resume option when the game is restarted.
* At easy and medium settings, power-up changes remain in effect until the board is cleared (like they did in DX-Ball 2).

The biggest change is the addition of the lobby server, which should make it easier to find opponents. The lobby runs out of our LDA office in Toronto. After some testing, and feedback, we'll enable the creation of other lobby servers, which will help address any regional lag issues. When we add that feature, although anyone will be able to create a lobby server, they will work best if run off at least a DSL connection.