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Preventing War (really long post)

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Level 13 Human Cosmic Destroyer
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Location: Observing System Sol. Planet #3
Posted on September 12, 2007 at 7:50 pm


Some of you may know me as Isaac, Death, Mr. Dotz, or doom. And I would like to talk to you all about wars, and how to prevent them.

I will start by asking you a favor; to read what I say with an open mind.
And I make a promise to you, that I will not offend anyone on purpose in this speech.

Wars are often started over anger, hate, greed, spite, and many other reasons. But every one of these reasons has one common ancestor… vengeance. Vengeance is equivalent to one of the ‘seven sins': wrath. But that's not why I am here; I'm here to remind you that there is one place we can cast these problems aside, the Internet (and to make this speech).

At the Internet, you talk to people, get to know them, most of the time never knowing their ethnicity, race, religion, or their IQ; and what happens when you meet people in the REAL world? You judge them; base them on the stereotypes of their different ways because their different than you. And in extreme cases, act violent towards them. The only thing you're forgetting is, we're all human; each different in slight ways, and beliefs. Especially the religious ones (but that is no reason to persecute or discriminate). Religion can be powerful in many ways.

Religion can bring people together, but it can also tear apart. Religion has divided people in many ways over the last few centuries. But let's focus on this one. It has caused war, hate, judgment, and wrath. It has also caused a large division between science, and religion. But let's just ignore our personal beliefs for now.

Why do we kill our own kind? Why do we pursue entire nations? I'll answer those questions for you; pride, it's as simple as that, we have pride in our countries, ethnicities, races, and religions; and some countries fake it because they feel a loss of identity, or culture. But again, let's forget all that and return to the internet, especially on forums and chat rooms. What do you see? Words, all you see are words, the words of another individual person, the words of someone with their own life, the words of a human.

"So, how do prevent war?" you might be asking, the answer is simple. Abandon warfare, abandon your pride as a country, abandon your thoughts of hate, envy, greed and killing; and treat people the same way you would when you meet someone new, like a human.

You may not see it now, but you'll see it when most of the innocent lives in the world, are gone, all that will be left is a big hole in the world, with no one left kill. Most of your online friends will be gone, and it will be too late, all because of pride and judgment.

So, if any of you still want to kill someone after reading this, I don't blame you, it's hard to let go of you're pride, it was hard for me. So, I ask everyone to get along, to not have pride in your country, but about your kind, your world. Abandon your instruments of death, and move on, on to the better world in which to come, a world without war, hate, greed, or pride. Because all of us will know one thing; we are all human. I am nor saying to stop being patriotic, that's always good; just don't go thinking you're better than everyone else. So let us unite, unite as one race.


P.S. or you can ignore this speech, not spread the word, and lead the world to its doom ‘serving your country' in a large scale slap fight.

P.P.S. remember the favor I asked you in the beginning? I want you to know that I thank each and everyone of you for reading this.