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Time for me to ask once again for your help

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Posted on May 1, 2007 at 11:11 pm

Well, It's that time of year again for me and those like me. The Rona MS bike Tour is coming soon--Sept 9th--in the Toronto area--and once again I look forward to participating in the 55km event.
Last years results were astounding, and I would expect nothing but an improvement this time around.
In case you don't know about me, I was diagnosed with MS in late 2000, and have had to make some minor living adjustments, although nothing as life-shattering as many of the other's I come into contact with in the clinic I participate in. I am truly a luckier individual than most with my affliction.
I am currently involved in a drug study, which hopes to be able to end up aiding those newly diagnosed, as well as those suffering full blown MS.
The country-wide goal this year has increased to 2.2 million dollars, up 100,000 dollars from last year.
My personal goal last year was $1000, and I managed to rack up over $3000 by the time the ride was completed. This year I intend to start with a goal of $3000, and see where my supporters take me!! I look forward to your pledges, your good wishes, prayers, and any and all support you can muster in the next few months preceding the ride.Tax receipts are available for pledges over $15, and on-line pledges trigger automatic receipts.
To pledge online just visit
Click on pledge a cyclist , then do a search for Douglas Fortin, and follow the easy on-line steps to pledge. Also at the web-site listed above is a plethora of information scattered through links, as to the benefits and support centers that will benefit from pledges you, and others like you will make for the event.
If you know of any others who may be interested in this worthy cause please feel free to direct them to the web-site or directly to me For that extended help, I also thank you. Every little bit counts, and we have to make it count.
To contact me please email me at, or leave me a PM for any questions or queries you may have.
Thanks in advance...
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Posted on May 2, 2007 at 1:36 am

As always, you have my support my dear friend.
Last year was great, but this year will be FANTASTIC!

May God's light shine brightly around you, always! :wink: