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Well, I see nothing here, don't know why, and I'm doing a programmin' project for Tread Marks. I got tired of trying to organize my entities and time stamping them and updating stuff from sites for servers: Hence this program. It should, at its core:

  1. Help mod authors write up mods, add authorship, allow peeps to keep the mods up to date, and other miscellaneous MOD stuff.
  2. Allow others to modify it so entegrity/masterclient/tankbuilder/etc. can all be glued into one stable program that overall can control TM mod development.
  3. Encourage others to submit mods on mods and on the regular Treadmarks scheme
  4. Have lots of funny easter eggs with graphics only a bored person could create.
  5. Be a launch pad from which I can start a SUPER DUPER python plugin for blender that allows Tread MArks players to make tanks on the fly with entities and UV files and LWO's all exported by clicking on one button.

So, why post this here?
I guess I'd like any help passerby programmers might have. Also, I'd like to encorage others that programming is only a couple of links away from being a reality of you're interested. I also would like anyone here with guts enough to stand up to a would-be cookie dough maniac and criticize his method. Don't like python and have a constructive answer? I'm ALL ears. I'll do it if I can't find a decent rebuttal. Why not? Also, I'd like to do this in the spirit of Suemas, who I dearly wish I could have met. I know there isn't a great demand for this, but I'm a passionate guy about computers (a.k.a. geek or nerd or /-\4X0/2) and I just find this titillating in some weird way enough that I'd even use that word for it. I enjoy programming, and it's awesome to spread the word. So, without further ado, here's what I've done so far (no screenies till I find somewhere to post them ... AND find permission as well!):

I found Boa and have since fallen in love with it. It's an IDE for python, and it works well with me. Why didn't I choose C++, C#, perl, or anyting else? Python works, it's free, it's powerful, and it works on linux! (ahhhh, c|457 31337!i!i!i)

After programming a decent gui with anchors, I set about getting down how the thing is gonna work:

---Check changes in addons and update grand list of mods
---If no mods list, make one
---Run gui
----For manipulating list files, everything will be a form of XML.
-----List files will have a basic DTD
#(is that right? It's supposed to be the instructions which tell the XML parser how to check and interpret the XML file)#
-----List files will contain dates according to how the modder wants
------Either one can go by how the file system gives the dates, or go by which files are changed in the list and give those files the current system date stamp
-----List files will have the website defined in which files can be ascertained as well as what format they'll be under
------Files can be accessed as ZIP,GZIP(cause that seems natural for a nix compat language to do),individual files, <insert more here>
-----List files will also contain entity names, authorship, and type. This keeps the program from checking the entities itself.
----Upon importing a list, the program checks for identical names
I'll finish more of this as I need to.

Okay... I'll be editing this a ton anyway... I have a lot of links I want to post, but my cable modem as decided it can ONLY access the TM forum... gonna see if posting works (which, if it does: I officially HATE cable for the dirty rotten filthy evil persnickety no-good lousy flea-bitten fat-headed stinking low-down double-crossing <blankity blank blank>s they are!)


Okay, I'd like to keep my comments that are above and just continue my post... cable officially is evil until someone defends it here... then perhaps i'll change my mind. Well, back to the program.

I still have had no comments, but this is an obscure post, and I like the security of not being known. To those would be readers, I'd like it if you wait a week or so before notifying others of this post just to see who's actually actively looking around the forum and actually interested in this. But you don't have too... really I wouldn't be upset at all if you told me you'd done such a thing. Now to business.

For the links I have found much joy in, CHECK THESE OUT:
Das Vault-O-Parnassus
-This is where I've found the 1337 stuff. everything that follows I've found there.

-This is THE thing to do blender crud with when you wanna make kick butt plug-ins. Oh yes... my tank constructor is practically a reality now that I have this *writhes in joy*

-A nice set of plug-ins, but one is esp. important to me which follows:

-Da' 1337 xml file exporter for python. Yes, just look at the hits that the site reports. Wow... people must like this.

-And das XML parse engine. I think it'll do the job.

Well, I gotta get these things plugged into my project.

OH: Big ups to da Marines. I am joining tomorrow. Feel great about it. I give ful permission to speel support/criticism on this subject as well. let's cut the rug on Programming as well, though, if we can.


Yet another edit. I've found some nice file handling scripts also from the vaults of parnassus. Here they are:


Well, I hate windows today [March 5th, 2004]

It took me a FILTHY ROTTEN TWO DAG-BLASTED HOURS to get this simple print directories script working in python... don't you even dare say it's python's fault.

The thing is under 15 lines of code... which is what's so demoralizing. If only winblows didn't have do a few of these name differences and not be cap sensitive and how it doesn't order it's dirs and.... and..... ohhhhh, okay... I'll stop.
i've got things REALLY coming together now. Beta should be out by Monday. That is if everything else (car emissions/registration, and other misc. life struggles) works out smoothly. Have fun! I'm playing TM then FFX. W00000t.


Darn, biggie update. (March 9th, 2004) I mean BIG. I have so far made the file scanner, and right now working on getting my proggy to detect references to other files (be they ent or bmp or something else).
Wow, this is one heck of an arduous task. I think I should have something that can load a set of references... but I'll have to see if I have time to release a beta. Keep fingers crossed. Actually, wait, I hate superstition. Pray instead, . If all goes well, I could have the thing at least reading dirs (actually this is harder than loading zips and all... amazing huh?) and spouting XML. Prolly be able to read it as well (W00t). Pray again. Do as many times as it takes to fill up the rest of the day. Thanks.

Want some clippets? Ask me to add them... I can! I'll find ways... program python parsers to do it for me, even.
Wait, have a clippet, why not?

entDefinitions = [['projectile','projectile'],['firesoundent'],['explokill'],
resDefinitions = [['mesh','lwo'],['secmesh','lwo'],['texture','bmp'],['sound','wav'],['altsound','wav'],

subFile,resFile = []

"""THIS SUC|<S. I have to make sure things aren't comments, assume entity refs
come more often then resources, and I also have to wack at what the entity name
is and it's directory. If the directory is not valid, are we gonna be nice?
FRIGGIN NO! Eat yah heart out, Mr. Modder... put stuff where it BELONGS! PFFFFT!!!"""
for i in textlines(self.entDir):
i.lower(),i.replace(' ','')
if i[0] != '#':
found = 0
definitionLength = i.find('=')
for j in entDefinitions:
if definitionLength == len(j[0]):
if i[ definitionLength - 1)] == j[0]:
#ICKY! Need to optimize if things get slow!!! Try searching for / from the end back and stop loop when you're done
entNameStart = 0
commenting = i.find('#',definitionLength)
for k in range(3):
entNameStart = i.find('/',entNameStart)
if entNameStart > commenting:
end = commenting
end = entNameStart

subFile += [[location + i[definitionLength:end],i[end:commenting] + '.ent',j[1]]]
found = 1
if not found:
for j in resDefinitions:
if definitionLength == len(j[0]):
if i[ definitionLength - 1)] == j[0]:
resFile += [[location + + '.'+ j[1],j[1]]]
found = 1

Note, this thing is NOT done. I know the entdefinitions aren't complete and all, but I'll fix that soon enough. This is only a fraction of what I've done so far today. gimme a couple hours and I'll post how today ended. Perhaps with a beta. I mean it. It'll take all of 30 minutes to write the xml and zip stuff. It's the parsing of mods and directory searches that bite. Wait... I take that back... I'll have to get the gui to work with it then... that might take a bit longer because I have no clue how to get most of it working... but I might have a hope. Once again, those who want the python source, just tell me... err... umm... and I'll need an e-mail addy. Dunno where to post this that's hassle free (every second is a second I could be programming! I love doing this, you know?).

Criticize criticize critize. Enquire or inquire, or query or quwherey... howver you cn spl as a prgmr/mdr.

Bye now!
Confession time [a few hours later, people]: I gave up... I had to play TM. I will finish the beta by then of the week (mainly because schoolwork is not going to allow much more work until Saturday... if at all). Sorry all. But no worries *puts cape on melon cracker* here's super target at our service. (He doesn't read this stuff anyways, right? So he won't know I typed that)

Well, here's the rules of engagement as planned. If I go to my g-parents and bake pies and get high off cookie dough and play soldat in a sugar-coated stupor:

1. Get the entity parser done (I've hit a bad spot because I decided to make the entity class do all the hard work, so I'm having trouble rewriting the code. I feel it's far more proper than putting code everywhere... I hate doing that!)

2. Get XML export/import finished

3. Get GUI working and add super secr3t evil animation.

The idea is I work at these stages... by next week, I stop on whichever I am at, and release all the code to some place safe (I'll hack GA's computer and force him to set up an ftp server and send him pictures of roadkill in the mail if the server dies).
If I end up staying here (the appartment) and don't go to my grandparents... in other words I end up not sleeping friday or staturday night because my programminf station is right here.... then I will probably be able to go beyond the GUI to these steps:

4. post screenies and get the list editor and entity quick editor (It just makes a table of variables and they're values for some to edit quickly or make a python script to hack up a set of entities quickly)

5. Get all the zip file, gzip file, and internet access stuff............ working.........

6. Get the latter -=[WORKING]=-

8. Heaven forbid I get this far... so it's number 8. (besides, I don't want seven to eat nine *har har*).
I'll assume all bets are off and dive neck deep into interfacing this with my tank creator for blender. PLEASE check out my link for SPE that's above, if you doubt I could do it. Considering the power behind SPE, if I don't do it I'd be a fool *random guy runs in from Blazing Saddles and yell's "The FOO.... The Dude's going to do it!"*

Well, that sums it up. That is ALL subject to change. I atleast have my plans. I'll be editing the above feature lists and functionality soon... so keep your eyes peeled. I'll try to post a reply to state what's been updated. I like keeping it all in one post up here still so people who are new to this get all the development and can look at discussion separately. Ta Ta!



The best part of programming is set backs. As if I even need to post this, I'm sure any of your programmers out there foresaw this update.

Sailor... I'll send you a pick some time by Wed IF nothing like this happens again!

Well, on to the goodies, eh?

1) see that code snippet up above. I botched it bad. I took many many shortcuts that are time consuming since they grunt a lot of stuff. Some stuff is very hacky, as well, right now. What is above was an ideal situation that will never happen unless you, the modder, can change all the entities for me. In fact, I've now got probably the best botched job (how's that for an oxy-moron?) in my programming career on the next virtual desktop (even though that career is very short, ). Well... here's what must make Entegrity so crazy good, and why I'm probably not releasing a beta (I could, but you'd all be screaming at me because the klunky thing wouldn't do zips yet, and is slow to read dirs because of file handling struggles. Thank you, M$. You make life easier. *cough*). Chiefly, the dependency checker has a hard time. Sometimes you give the entity a dir, as in smoke/<blah> or explo/<blah>. Other times the same explo or smoke entity is just placed there and assumed to be found. I know TM can do it, and I can do it as well. But dang, it takes longer to work around that when you're just learning python.

*Gumbles as TM Server Spy lists another person joining DDM and laundry timer goes off*

2) The code above has not only been very hacky since I got lazy. I am now at a big crossroads. If I just link entities blindly to weapons and tanks and so on... you hit a major problem. What to do when you get multiple tanks and weapons referring to the same explo file or projectile, you have some issues. You waste time loading files that you already have and you risk writing files to zips and what not rather... ummm... redundantly. Any suggestions on fixing these inefficiency problems?

3) This is what killed the beta: The file searcher. It's why I love M$ right now. I was hoping they'd have made some way for someone to use all the search utilities that are available in folders in a command line. If so, I'd have been able to search quick quick and use the within file search to eliminate chaffe. Anyone have any solutions to this? Today, my thing broke because someone put a projectile (tankGunD.ent) into the main ent folder for one of my addon dirs. When I had the thing search for related files, it somehow got tripped up on this, and I still cannot figure it out (I put so many 'print' statements in the thing that it took 15 minutes for the file search to complete). When I try to directly search (just open up the file containing the function and make a direct call to it without using any class structures or other crud), it doesn't do it. And yet the same call from a class structure will cause the problem... and not a single other search does it, it seems. It's an obscure bug that sucked up 2 hours today of 'print' insanity, as the debugger refused to use breakpoints when I started in the main class file... grrr grrrr.... or in the function file. Anyone want to play with a python function? I assure you, it requires NO special libraries.

I have more to say, but this sums up the past 6 hours of time I put into programing. Believe me, that's generous... considering my workload of classes. And it's not even hard stuff... just tons of busy work. If anyone is interested, I'm doing a literature project that's supposed to be about my life up to today. If you like the insane garbage I vent out upon the forums enough, I'll send you as much as you like. For those wanting screenies, just post a request. I'll get hooked up with sailor when I have a GOOD shot that represents what the beta will do for you. I'll explain the gui when it can be posted. Thanks sailor. You're a great guy.

Ta ta... I'm working on La Tarea now. (I'll code later on if possible, but it's unlikely... )



Cap'n Dudy's Log: Dude-date 03302004 AD

Well, It's doomed. As the last of the bugz was traced an killed, the damage was already done. I ran my code with a sample, and no errors came up. All was clean and quiet... too quiet. In fact, the whole thing halted for 15 minutes just to get the list of entities that one weapon is dependent on. Crap. Double crap. Quintuple Dog doo-doo crap! In fact, a whole GA pant-load of crap (knowing ants that have pants, an ant's pant's chance to grant great gross gobs I can't stand to rant for what an ant's pants grants in antics).

The class structures I made simply do too much. They take so much control of themselves that I can't tell them when they've tried to copy an entity or reinvent the *ahem* turret and so on. Sooooooo... I'm going to go through, salvage as much as I can, and make the program take more control of them. Mainly, I had classes fetch a list of entities with each search they made for matches to their entity references. That's now far too suicidal... and I couldn't have known so well as with this 500 MHz computer . To solve the issue, I'll try to implement code tomorrow to assume each entity is going to be used, and let it build an entity reference structure afterwords... sound good? Either that, or I make a list of entities that already have their types fetched, so as a weapon or racetank or insignia or other major entity needs to fetch an entity, it first checks to see if the entity is already loaded, and if not, finds a type match in the entity list AND deletes the entities it gathers up as they are assimilated by the scripts. I think that one will still allow too much control but I'll see what I can do. Either way, I'll have fun trying to find a way to keep all the entities within easy reach (as in I can quickly grab a list of available entities that have been assimilated and check to see who is missing on the fly). Wish me cookie dough!

~Cap'n Dudy
And the pickles frolicked with the waffles, joyously

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posted March 09, 2004 08:22 PM            
Very ambitious. Code looks good at this point for that snippet. How is the GUI going? I am currently doing a set of perl scripts for a new backup system for my companies European sites that will have a web interface to make dynamic changes for the perl scripts. As I said yours is looking good so far - looking forward to the beta of it.

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posted March 09, 2004 10:01 PM            
sorry, no beta... too many people complaining about 'modded' tanks on LDA. Naturally, I had to go over to LDA and see how long I could last just frolicking and randmonly firing and outright goofing off. You know me... I'm the guy who usually ends up running out of class with some random denomination of people (usually women) trying to kill me. I can single handedly say that in a Christian school, I got the women to kick me in class at least twenty times and most of the men to call up my mom asking for permission to use my head as a board eraser (the principle said he'd allow it if they got permission. The women just kicked me and the teachers could care less. But woe be to whoever kicked anyone else!). I love being me. It makes it easier when you have no hope of pleasing anyone. But back to programming... yeah... I can post more clippets. I tried and tried and rewrote dozens of times. I am trying right now to get that parser finished. I WANT INPUT on FEATURES! Do you people want the screen to show the current size of the selected mod in zip and unzipped form? For your info, the GUI is pretty much set up. I need somewhere to put a screen shot so I can post it here. I so want this to be a major hit even before it hits alpha. I have to be ambitious to get where I need to go. That's why I had twenty kicks in the.... well..... various 'regions' (I can name two... can you do that too?).

OH! almost forgot... thanks for your complements, Sailor! May the sea and stuff... um... *flexes fingers randomly* be with you and, yeah! *points at Sailors siggy*

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another edit. Oh, and if you think I'm impressive already. Wait till you see my first resume. As long as this board is still up and something unspeakably terrible hasn't happened to my hands (in which case I'll type out what happened to them with my nose instead), I post that beast of a document somewhere near here. I can sell my self really well. Why, heck, the Marines believe I want discipline (okay, so they know I WILL want it anyways, but still). Man, is there a harder audience to sell off too.... what? What?

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posted March 10, 2004 10:37 PM            
Get me a pick and I can host it for you. Once I have it in place I can give you the link for it.

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posted March 14, 2004 09:27 PM            
Wow! Just read the update... please! This is hilarious


posted March 15, 2004 01:35 PM            
Oh my...this has got to be the longest post every. Will read it though.

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posted March 22, 2004 09:08 PM            
uh huh... suuuuure. You just wanted it to email me so I could reply with this update:

I need to run, but school messed me up. I had put a lot of stuff off to get the boost I thought would start a sort of beta, but since that isn't realized, this thing is essentially on hold till 10AM tonight. I can't say it enough... if you want something badly, almost anything having to do with modding, then say it now so i can incorporate it. it gets harder with programming much like when you do a plaster painting like the artists back in the renaissance... you do it block by block, and you pretty much have to take a chisel to something and obliterate it after it has been set. Alrighty, cyah! Be working in no time.


Blue n Gold Sue
posted March 23, 2004 12:32 AM            
Your skillz are amazing..
10AM tonight
Since when is AM considered tonight?


posted March 24, 2004 11:56 PM            
ehhhhhhhhhhh shuddap! :■


posted March 30, 2004 04:33 PM            
Taken long enough... finally getting around to final tests of class code. Should have ide ready to get a workover and a beta released by next week. Sorry, but did not forsee the trouble I was going to have scanning files. I'm just a n00b in python-land. Still no input? I see there's a post here about using mods... any mods you've already created that you'd like to have some acommodations for? I'll at least try to get the thing ready for STORM... I know that'll take a couple quickies in the code to make it work better. Anyoo, have fun!


posted March 30, 2004 11:03 PM            
Another crappy day. Just read about the load of crap in the update... hehehe. Its a pretty 'crappy' post *wink wink*.


posted May 16, 2004 10:18 PM            
Okay, I am actually still working on this. Don't think it died. Right now school is still trying to get me by the toes. Thankfully, I don't clip my nails, so I'll give them gangrene before they'll get a single hair follicle more out of me. And no... don't try to make that into some sort of metaphor or parable. I Already did, and it scares the life out of me. *drifts away, passing through a wall*

I just can't get it. Why is the file fetching going sooo slow. Dangit. I can't get it to fetch files fast enough. It takes forever for it to make any sort of heirarchy of dependencies. Any tips from how entegrity does it?

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posted May 17, 2004 08:18 PM            
Is there anyone at all who still reads this board who could even make a bad joke to help me along here. I like to know that at least someone reads this. If not then I'll have to stop posting. It's a waste. I want to post this for the sole purpose of feedback. Will there really be any?


posted May 17, 2004 09:41 PM            
Of course some still read it - like me. Keep up with the MickeySoft work and some day Bill will you MickeyMillions LOL

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posted June 05, 2004 12:52 AM            
I believe I found the thorn in my beast's foot. It seems that each and every entity class would re-load the entity lists from scratch. I have found that now I can just make one mondo list of entities in the main reference file. The reason that perhaps I didn't do that in the first place was because the entities need to make sure they are using up the whole list. My major concern is that I don't want a reference file to simply gobble up every entity it sees, but only the ones that are used... reporting stuff that is NOT referenced to to the mod maker. I know that probably entegrity already does this, but I know that double checks are DEFINITELY worth the effort. Just look at what recoding did for me.... okay... so I didn't just have to recode it twice.... okay... maybe even a LOT more than twice.... oh stop it you evil cretin! I'm stooopid, I know! I'm not trying to assume we are all as stupid as me... but... uh...... so, how are you doing? Rixy?

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posted June 12, 2004 01:28 PM            
Crappity. Well, I've been testing entstrav on one entity at a time. It seems I should have read this! before I started the project. Now life sucks a bit.... juuuuust a bit. But really, anyone who programs should read that link. It's always nice to learn some core facts about languages which are freely available to you. I really like python more now, but DANG! If only I knew all this before hand. I mean, talk about POWER!

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