Author Topic:   help me please
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posted February 01, 2004 06:02 PM            
please tell me how to do this stock tank skins pack .
all tanks skins are done
just stock
26 in all so far
i need to know how to place an addons folder with the tanks and ent files in a zip thats already named
i dont know how to get ENTegrety to work for me
ive read all posts but still dont understand how to get it started on gaining info for the tank pack
ive installed it
got it runing a bit
but i cant find files to place in the program

please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i want yaw to engoy these skins

its my birthday gift for TM to you all


posted February 01, 2004 11:30 PM            
you place the files like this....
Addons--Art--Textures (this is were you put the BMp files)
Addons--entities--racetank ( this is were you would put the race tank ENT files if you had any)