Author Topic:   a cool idea for wep maybe
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posted December 05, 2003 03:46 PM            

ok think about this.

a wep that takes a half of a tanks life force <or what ever you call it.

a magnetic pulse wep that stops tank for a half of a minit .

a wep with 1 shot

a wep with a med short range

and that looks cool , and not like a picec of candy.

with no reload time if found with 2 or 3 shots.

666 or someone please think on this and then post what you think


posted December 05, 2003 04:49 PM            
Sounds kinda like the ice gun

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Blue n Gold Sue
posted December 06, 2003 03:12 AM            
yep, the ice gun is a recently released weapon by KiLlEr. YOu can download it at treadmarks.boomstickjoes.com IIRC. Its on the home page, I believe, as well as the new SAM gun. You ought to give that one a try, too. Have fun!!