Author Topic:   C:\Program Files\Tread Marks 1.5\Local\English
Jim Nasium
posted July 10, 2002 02:23 PM            

C:\Program Files\Tread Marks 1.5\Local\English

I found and then opened this text file with in a sub folder in a folder in my Tread Marks folder and I was wondering if I can edit this .txt file, and if that's how ya remove the scrolling message from the bottom of your screen that tells ya so and so killed so and so and with what, and it tells ya what MP3 is playing...

I found this section of the .txt file I opened and wonder if I remove it, will the scrolling message at the bottom of my screen stop...?

# Tank death messages
The World destroyed %s with %s!
The World destroyed You with %s!
You destroyed yourself with %s!
You destroyed yourself with a Death Wish!
You destroyed %s with %s!
%s destroyed themselves with %s!
%s destroyed themselves with a Death Wish!
%s destroyed You with %s!
%s destroyed %s with %s!

IS this the section I need to remove from the text file to make the scrolling text stop?
some one? anyone?
thank YOU
Jim Nasium www.gymart.com


posted July 10, 2002 02:50 PM            
You could try it and see. I don't know fer sure but it would seem like a good start.


posted July 10, 2002 04:02 PM            
I know there must be an easier way but that should do it too.

Also don't remove that text just comment it out by using "#" before each line.

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posted July 10, 2002 08:07 PM            
youre quite safe to edit any of that - you will still get the names scrolling up tho unless you edit out the bots names too.