Author Topic:   How to exceed the frag limit of 99 on servers...
posted June 20, 2002 05:02 AM            
Well..it's either all or nothing!

You can only set the frag limit for the servers for up to 99 frags in the dedicated.cfg file. Any higher and the server dies.

Except...you can set it for "FragLimit = 0" and the number of frags would be unlimited. The game would end only when time was up.

That's how you get higher than 99 frags on servers...

It works the same for the time limit (TimeLimit = 0) but you should only make either the time or frag unlimited or you'll never end the game unless you reset the map! DOH!!!

This works for single game play as well...


posted June 20, 2002 11:43 AM            
w00t! Dang, that cool BZP, except 1 problem We still gotta get the tank limit over 99... I was the one who hit 500,000 tanks BTW, thank you, thank you, *remembers how long it took to load* *grumbles somethin about windows 98*