Author Topic:   The cure for the common sounds glitch
posted May 03, 2002 10:17 PM            
i found the cure to that annoying sounds glitch that tends to occur when you over mod your AddOns folder (too many mods located in one place). i actually found it quite a while ago but forgot to post it . i was talking w/ sailor earlier and was reminded of it, hehe.

anywho... the sounds glitch seems to be centered around the fact that TM has a problem w/ the multikill sound set when its located in your addons folder. the solution: go into your AddOns\Sound\Vox\MultiKill folder and delete all the wav files in there. poof, no more sound glitches.

OOPS! thanks for mentioning that! lol, i forgot to include that bit in my post! well, dont i feel like an A$$, hehe. that multikill folder will only exist if you have the Storm Pack installed. in an addons folder that doesnt have SR installed you delete just the wav files in the addons Vox folder. and you may not need to delete them all, thats just the quick fix. normally you can just delete about 1/2 of them. point being, the repeating annoying sounds glitch is attached to the vox files somehow, but i dont know exactly why or how, i just found a way to "patch-fix" the problem.

i did this a while back in an addons folder that just had a bunch of random mods in it and it worked fine. i also did this recently in an addons folder that was jam packed with mods. this addons folder has my Storm Pack in it as well as the complete master weapons, tanks and map packs. thats something like 1400 ent's in there! all sounds are just fine too .

i wont guarentee ittl work for everyone, but this makes it work great for me. give it a try, dump EVERY mod you can get ahold of into one addons folder and see if it works for you, im rather curious.

later all!

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Well, I did a separate install for Storm and have had zero problems with it. My regular install has your master packs only as far as I know. It has the problem of replacing the chat beap and other beaps with the wrong sound. Eventually that incorrect sound starts repeating over and over. Is that the problem you refer to? My regular install of tm doesn't have a multikill folder.


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thanks for pointing that out . the problem only applies to people who have installed a lot of mods into one single addons folder and have experienced the glitch. it doesnt happen to everybody for whatever reason, but it does happen to some.