Author Topic:   New map M-503-71
posted May 02, 2002 09:56 PM            
There is a new map on the TMMaps website that you can all enjoy if you want to partake of it. The name sounds odd, but here is the breakdown for what is means.
M = a habitable planet
503 = found in sector 503 of the mapped universe
71 = found in quadrant 71 of the mapped sector 503
Yes it is now only inhabited by lonely tanks wanting to frag everything in sight, but it was once inhabited by a race (the Cyrillians - I believe) that left behind some monuments of their life on the planet. Take a short trip off world and visit this lonely world surrounded in a gaseous cloud. You will enjoy your short visit and learn a little bit about the universe at large at the same time.

May you always have a following Sea and the comfort of those you hold nearest to your heart.