Author Topic:   Freaky patch idea
posted March 28, 2002 06:14 AM         
Portals. (Randomly) placed portals on every map (probably best on the neighbours of the main map) that lead to other servers hosting other maps... That way "chasing someone from server to server" would take on a whole new meaning... Of course that would involve serious changes to various parts of TM, but I do think it would be really funny and I don't know any online game that has a similar feature.
Those portals would have to be two-sided, of course and would have to provide some indicator whether people are playing on the target server or not. The scoring system would have to be revised, too... And messages would have to be issued whenever someone leaves the battlefield so people know which direction to take for pursuit.
Oh, the possibilities... *drool*
Of course I do know that this is not going to happen, but still: It could be _really_ funny - imagine, for example a "running man" tournament where one team tries to reach a specific server with a minimum of deaths while the other team tries to stop them... Or multi-map CTF matches...
Trap servers with deadly maps...
Bounce servers pushing everyone back through the portals...
Placing mine traps directly behind portals...
A target ring suspended 100 meters above the surface of the moon - whoever manages to jump through it frags the enemy teams... wait... that's different... hmm.. well...
Portals small enough that larger tanks cannot pass through resulting in "tiny tank matches" on some servers...
Shoot-through-portals - imagine you're in mid-air heading for a portal and right before you hit the portal, you see that fiendishly smiling nuke-tip coming through from the other side...

Also imagine a labyrinth-style mod pushing you through a multitude of portals every time you enter one - everyone's trying to find a way through, of course. (I guess that's completely impossible simply because of load times)

OK, that was a large portion of my spam...

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Random Chaos
posted March 28, 2002 09:04 AM            
LOL! Sounds fun! Except one thing:

Crater Update time when moving between servers.



Rex R
posted March 28, 2002 12:16 PM            
ya mean someting like 'UNREAL'?


posted April 02, 2002 01:45 PM            
that sounds like an absolute blast of an idea!!!

ya, not feasable tho because of synch times. i can just imagine it now, hehe. player A on a 56K modem runs thru the portal, player B, on a cable modem chases him, just a few seconds behind.

on the other side player B ends up comming out 1st with player B now behind him! lol

what we need is a way to make MUCH larger maps that people comps can still manage to handle.

portal jumping would sure be fun tho

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