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posted January 09, 2002 11:05 PM            
Sage sent me the Omega map that was worked on by Dreamer, Matrix and Sage. I have placed it on the TreadMaps site, but I had to make some modifications for the following reasons.
1. The map is named DM Mudd Vain Valley in the TMapper ved file not Omega Map (so I named it based on the TMapper mapname)
2. It was artificially set to be the first map in the list by using a very low number (That is reserved for Training maps and such so I reset that too)
3. I had to correct the zip file due to not having the directory structure in it to install it properly from the TreadMarks base directory (no problem that occurs a lot)
4. It was missing the screen shot for the map selection intro (again no problem that happens a lot also)

The point of this post is to set the record straight for some future developers of maps. You should follow a few simple logical steps when making a map or even a mod.

1. Put the files for the map in the correct place in the addons folder (...addons\maps\mapfile.ved)
2. Put custom textures for the map in the addons\art folder (...addons\art\texture.bmp)
3. If you have custom meshes then put them in the appropriate place under the addons folder and so on...

You get the idea use the same locations under the addons folder as LDA used for similar items under the base TreadMarks directory or whatever directory name you installed yours under initially.

That way when you make a zip file you can go down the directory tree structure and include anything needed for your zip and have the included paths to unzip them back too (unless your base directory is named differently than everyone elses). Personally I create an addons directory in the root directory on my C: drive and put a copy of everything in there that I am going to zip up to make it easier to restore no matter what a persons TreadMarks directory is named. They just point to the base directory and the modules are placed in the appropriate subdirectories. Of course this assumes you use save path when you zip the files and you use restore using path when you unzip the files. I know this is a rant, but I hope it helps someone to better understand what they are doing when they prepare something that someone else will be using.

May you always have a following Sea and the comfort of those you hold nearest to your heart.


posted January 10, 2002 01:18 AM            
I put it in the big un-split master zip, also available thru Treadmaps.



=DNX= Matrix
posted January 10, 2002 10:10 AM            
lol, some1 made a mess lol..... looks nuthin like the barren yellow sulpher cloud filled swamp i started off with LMAO.