Author Topic:   New Mods that Should Be Made?
posted October 19, 2001 02:58 PM            
Here a list of mods that I think should be made, or considered:

Kite-Bomb: A medium range-flying weapon that drops a large bomb, the size of a (lobber) 150mm projectile. It's severe, but not enough to destroy if at 70-100% life.

Fire Cracker: A small ball in the sky that fires out little fire crackers (one at a time) and has a spark-like smoke trail.

Vertical Avenger: a Avenger that fires projectiles at a hight of 150 meters down on the map in a nice little stream. When I have gotten my new Graphics card, I will work on this so just hold on for a while.
Burning Wheels Of Death: Small burning tires streak accross the screen at around 30mph.
As for where they come from, it really doesn't matter.

The Leech: A little robot that drains the power (life force) from your opponents.

The Comet Of Death: A huge rock from space (500m) that comes crashing down at speeds of 35mph, that way you have time to watch you life pass before you. Not only does it destroy everyone in a 375m radius, it also releases a radio-active cloud that last for 30secs and spreads every 3secs.

Well that's it, please contribute to this list and tell me wht you think, that way when us modders or bored, we have something to work on.



posted October 19, 2001 04:28 PM         
Kite-bomb: sounds pretty cool... would it be possible to have something behaving like the shadow summoner for the kite, dropping da bomb when over an enemy tank? - kind of an aerial mine

Fire Cracker: Neat idea, what about a flashbang grenade effect?

V-Avenger - wait for JV's TMTC... (hint-hint, that guy can work miracles with TM's entity system)

Wheels of death - another shadow-summoner-behaviour-thing, except that they stay earthbound, right? might be fun to have some spewers for those on hell-themed race tracks

The Leech: I'm not sure that would be feasible plus it would probably be pretty annoying since you wouldn't even be able to get rif of the critter using weapon-teamwork...

Comet of Death: I'll order one for each 5 minutes of mining with Dudy and Kaeto overkill. Overkill mods are fun, but not really played much - and I don't think the TM community is large enough to support a pure overkill server... (yet?)

Don't forget to submit all your mods to the BWL (via my eMail addy) for review and hosting...


posted October 19, 2001 05:43 PM            
Kite-bomb: i have plans for a similar one to this, but to be dropped from a hot air baloon. then when the baloon is "out of ammo" it lands on the ground and can be shot and blown up.

Fire Cracker: someday ill get to this, at least by the 4th of july if not sooner. ive wanted to make a fireworks weapon for a long time now. not a real weapon, just something thats pretty to watch. someday...

V-Avenger - thanks for the vote of confidence Dreamer but what exactly is my TMTC??? there is a partly completed weapon like this in the Storm Pack now, not sure if it will make it into the final release or not tho.

Wheels of death - well, when a car gets blown up its wheels fly off and roll around the track for a little while .

The Leech: ya, leech would be a pain. there is a way to sort of do such a thing tho. a weapon based on my Haywire Mines may yeild the desired effect.

Comet of Death: OUCH!

all in all some spiffy thinkins!

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posted October 19, 2001 11:03 PM            
Here's some more:

Fire Snake: A 60m snake of fire, that leaves a trail like my Yuri Mole, but is muck lower.
It pretty much moves like a snake would, side to side.

Invader: This is a weapon that I am already working on, it fires a large laser beam down from a alien space craft (30m radius) that destroys any tank on contact, and if you run into it, you had better get out it.

The Cloak: A little machine that changes the look of your tank, you can use this little trick to trick your foes, or maybe no.


posted October 20, 2001 02:34 AM            
fire snake is a cool idea. would need a different name tho, theres already a weapon called that. Flaming Sidewinder .