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for those who dont know the EEK is the Entity Entry Key i made a few months back. it has brief (and often cryptic) descriptions of what each of the parameters do and how to use them.

ok peoples, when i made this thing i expected to hear back from those who used it to make corrections and to clairify things in it. thus far i have heard back from NO ONE at all. thus the EEK has only had one small update since the original.

an accurate EEK is obviously important since support programs utilize it. Blandys mod program uses it as an abstract help file. and without the EEK ENTegerety wouldnt even be here (at least not yet). ENTegerety's core files are 99.9% based on the info in the EEK.

as far as i know many of you use the EEK at least here and there. so lets get some feedback on it so i can get the thing updated and improved. we can have a more accurate and readable version of it this way.

yes im venting cause im rather annoyed by the lack of feedback on it. and yes now im done venting .

lets get the EEK updated people. Those of you working on mods and having questions post those questions here!! something in the EEK that doesnt make sense? ask here for clarification!

how do i make an aniimated model like the flamer?

what exactly is the light trail that the laser fires and how can i alter and use it?

how do i make a weapon that shoots multiple projectiles in a radius? (like the wasps)

in the EEK under "XXX" the description reads as "XXXXX", this is wrong, it should read as "XXXX". also that parameter is also valid for "XXXX" class ent's as well as "XXXX" class.

in the EEK under "XXX" the description reads as "XXXXX". what the (&^%$(^ is that supposed to mean??!??!

questions questions questions!!!!

so post your mod and ent related questions/ corrections here. ill respond by email so as not to clutter the BBS. so either include your email in the post or make sure your member info is current.

this way youll get your problems solved and i can know what things in the EEK need expansion and clarification.

thanks all.

i assume coax you wanted a link for my email address?
j_vortex@yahoo.com but you could have looked at my profile .
link to the EEK? http://server2049.virtualave.net/jvortex/dloads/TM/other/EEK.zip
something else entirely?

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