Author Topic:   AI not I enough for Mods (lobber)
posted September 09, 2001 09:02 AM            
Are the AI tanks in treadmarks intelligent enough to correctly use mod weapons such as the bomb lobber? Since it was added after the AI was programmed, maybe the AIs can't get the hang of shooting from 50-150 yards away.
Or is the AI code in treadmarks programmed to "read" the ENT files and "know" the best distances from which to fire??


Random Chaos
posted September 09, 2001 11:11 AM            
I agree. Thats why I think Weapon entity files should have a AI Intel variable as follows:

0 = Mine type
1 = Contact range (Ramdrill)
2 = Short range (Flamer)
3 = Short to Med range (RGren)
4 = Med to Long range (MRL)
5 = Nuclear
6 = Fire when gotten (Weapon Randomizer)

A simple system that could vastly improve AI skill by just telling them what ranges the weapons work best at...



posted September 09, 2001 11:59 AM            
You're right on that RC, especialy if you have ever watched an AI use the Plasma Shield. They start shooting way too soon and they just bounce around inside of it. It is funny to watch though.


posted September 10, 2001 02:59 PM            
RC's idea there is one that ive wanted to see as well. as it is now you have to pretty much make a weapon around what the AI knows. generally speaking the AI is pretty good at most weapons when shooting in the medium range catagory. upping the AI's % will increase the accuracy they have w/ most weapons.

the lobber, being nothing but medium range really, the AI does pretty ok with, BUT all the AI knows is "someone is too close to me, i must turn and aim my turret, then fire". the AI has no idea what weapon it has (if any at all!!!), what its range might be, where the weapon is mounted at, how much ammo it has or nothin'. an AI out of pea shooter ammo will still be issuing the "fire command" when youre within range even tho it has no ammo.

it essentially will tread all turret weaponry like a machine gun, all side mounted weaponry like an avenger, and all rear mounted weaponry like a plasma mine.

ever notice what happens when u come up behind an AI armed w/ an avenger? you get behind him, he spins his turret backwards to aim at you, then shoots his avenger, in front of him, at nothing in particular....

rear mounted weaponry the AI just tends to dump when anyone gets close to them...

so the TM engine doesnt read the files and know best how to use the weapon. the modders who make the weapons just have to have a "feel" for how the AI thinks and uses weapons and keep that in mind while making a mod.

long winded?

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Rex R
posted September 11, 2001 01:22 AM            
but its sooo fun watching an AI pick up the afterburner


Random Chaos
posted September 11, 2001 08:51 AM            
Yeah - the other thing the AI needs is a direction sense:

0 = turret
1 = forward
2 = aft
3 = local (everywhere - shockwave)
4 = tracking (shadow/cruise/nuke)
5 = mine (drops without worrying about wether an enemy is in the line of view - could work as [Local/4] also though)


posted September 13, 2001 09:52 PM            
Another funny thing I noticed since I started this thread:

The AI's don't shoot the bomb lobber unless they have line-of-site. I lobbed at an AI 5 or 6 shots over a hill and he never shot back until he came over the crest and saw me (too late for him!). This is poor artificial intelligence, because the bomb lobber works best over hills when you don't necessarily have line-of-site.

Vortex, on the other hand, had it down well (ouch).