Author Topic:   Updated version of certain weapons available!
posted July 08, 2001 01:09 AM            
Well, after some post-release beta testing, I found a few more problems that need fixing (I'm just about ready for a career in the computer game industry, eh?). I've since uploaded fixed versions of all of my weapons.

Most of the corrections were simply transitory fixings, but the Fire Crawler was having some odd problems with going through people as opposed to hitting them. That has since been solved. The links to the mods are still the ones I listed in my thread right here.

Due to the nature of these mods, you'll only need to grab them if you either want to use them on a server, or want to use them in single player. Any entity differences can be corrected when you join a server using the weapons.

The main new thing I've come up with is an online-capable version of the Shadow Summoner. The old version, while still available at the same link, was causing serious problems with lag, due to the amount of effects going on at certain points in its lifetime. I removed some of the effects from its "creation" phase, and also removed the laser weapon part of it.

You can grab it right here.

However, I don't recommend grabbing that version for offline play. It's missing some of the original effects, and since most of the file names are named the same as the offline version, installing them both into the same folder will cause only one to work.

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