Author Topic:   AngelThorApollo replacement mod @ yahoo site
posted July 07, 2001 04:59 PM            
For anyone who d-led the AngelThorApollo mod from the yahoo site, I found a problem w/ 1 of my ENTs (like that's a surprise!) Here's the fix/notice of a replacement file.

Sorry guys,

I (actually Force RS) found an error in my "Angel Strike" mod. I mislabelled a file name in my projectile ent. If you don't want to deal with altering TM files, I uploaded a replacement mod. For those who know how to edit TM files change these lines in the projectile folder called "godwrath proj" from:

mesh = weapons/elohim/angel2a.lwo
mesh1 = weapons/elohim/angel2a.lwo

And replace them with these lines:

mesh = weapons/elohim/newangel.lwo
mesh1 = weapons/elohim/newangel.lwo

Basically, when I redesigned my mesh, I forgot to change the ENT file wh/ dealt w/ it.

thanks for your patience,