Author Topic:   Ive hit a snag in mapmaking....
=DNX= Matrix
posted July 02, 2001 06:52 AM            
the max you can hightmap to is 256, and the lowest should be above the 16 level watertable, this makes converting bz maps a pain cos they can reach far higher, is there any way to "stretch" that greyscale vertically so that i can get those higher bits from bz to work.

Example in the Colleseum middle there are 4 pillars surrounding the hull icon, tm can only get them half their proper hight without compromising the maps scale.

And in the Arma map, each side has a large curved wall, iv secrificed the walls to keep the centre bowl to scale.

Could i use poly meshs and the terrain texture to simulate the high objects since it looks like vector polys can go far higher than the greyscale image allows.

Also i think its a shame that we cant design as high up as the map ceiling; this would make for some awesome scale maps.