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=DNX= Matrix
posted June 29, 2001 07:35 PM            
A Freeze gun that roots you to the spot for a 10 second interval.

A Magnetic Charge Gun - aka - A Mag Cannon (hold left mouse but down as the sound pitch gets higher cherging the "MAG", when it reaches full charge , let go the mouse to release a fluffy purple ball of death (non homing).

A Magnetic Mine.

A standard land mine rather than floating blue orbs of death.

Twin rocket lockons "shadowers"

when someone goes into CHAT MODE, the sound of a mobile phone is heard from the tank with a sample of that superfast chating voice, then a CLICK as they press enter

a GET HIM ! sound as the ctf flag is captured from the opponent base.

A non homing rocket bomb (dual) limited distance but devastating damage (4 hits to death) BOOOM !

An ANTI RADAR pickup making you invisible on radar.

Blast Cannon - 3 hits and ur dead ! BANG BANG BANG !

Splinter - lob a spinning catherine wheel of "machine gun fire" which starts as it hits the ground and lasts 5 seconds.

Day Wreaker - the ability to "wobble" the map on impact, like the spire maker but in slow motion up and down, like an earth quake with a "wave" the tanks can hitch a ride on - muhahaha - but anywhere near the impact and ur dead - mass crater and damage !

Water Pistol - like the flamethrower but with water- hahahahaha ! oh to be a kid again !

Service Bot - essentialy a clone of you, an ai with your name on it out there fragging for you with 50% ai.

Heat Lava instead of water - a hell map would look nice !

Pulse cannon - a green peashooter with a light trail - files 2x a second, minimal damage but plenty of ammo.

Tank Magnet - drop one of these and ppl get pulled in until its gone - lasts 1 minute - great if u can get a nuke fast enough to use it muhahahaha !

im not running out of ideas yet but see how u all fair with that lot, i persoanally havent played with modding weapons yet, ive enough with maps and tanks for now - but see what can or cant be done - id be very interested.

ill incude the best ones in the bz3 mod


Rex R
posted June 29, 2001 07:55 PM            
when last I asked about a weapon that would discharge when you released the trigger(to provide a variable damage weap-more buildup time > more damage to a point then boom) the answer was not promising. this is not to say that it is not possible( LDA didn't say this) just it hadn't been done yet


posted June 30, 2001 12:49 AM            
well matrix, some of those are easy, some are in the works and some just cant be done at all.

the main problem with charging weaponry is that the effect would have to run thru spawns, the spawn would stay behind wherever u dropped it. actually, come to think of it, the best example of a charg weapon is the Shadow Summoner (by Vlad). thats as close as u can get to something like that.

i WANT to be able to have some kind of a negative push effect that will attract tanks, but so far it cant be done. only way i know of is to make a spewer that will pop out an invisible explo push on each side of tank so it cant move. kinda cheesy...

the "real" land minds is something ive been tinkering w/ for a while, theyre sorta done, just never completed... easy enough idea to do


posted June 30, 2001 09:23 AM            
Well, I'd say that the Shadow Summoner's closer in concept to his "Service Bot" idea than it is to the charge beam :-).


posted July 05, 2001 11:32 PM            
Let me add some I've been tinkering with...

Falling Piano (Like in Loony Toons)
You hear a piano playing, then SLAM! the tank infront of you is gone, and all thats left is a badly damaged piano.

Chainsaw Ramdrill

self explainatory

After watching a bird attack a much larger bird, I got the idea of a birds nest, if you get to close to the nest, a bird starts attacking you, slowly picking nuts and bolts off.

(Need a proximity device)



posted July 05, 2001 11:38 PM            
There is already a proximity device of sorts...the HitScan/Range command. It lets the projectile "see" things w/in a certain range of its position.