Author Topic:   Extra, Extra, Supposed Slew of New Weapons Unleashed on Unexpecting Public!
posted June 27, 2001 03:21 PM            
After much ignored hint dropping, and a great beta test (thanks to Jvortex, Karldar, Target, Turdheart, and LordByron), my weapons pack is released!

You can get the whole pack right here.

Jvortex should also have it mirrored on his site soon.

And if you really don't want to check out all the weapons at once (sob, sob), I'm also offering them as individual downloads, click on the name below to download a weapon:

Acid Cloud: After impact, the projectile explodes into a medium sized cloud of corrosive acid.

Dark Nova: Yes, so I've already released this one, so sue me. But it's got a different weapon pickup, and tweaked effects, that will hopefully make it more lag-friendly.

Fire Crawler: A burst of flame travels along the ground. Think of it as a more powerful R-Grenade, minus the bounce and that annoying launch inertia.

Mine Thrower: Instead of dropping one mine at a time, how about tossing them out in groups? Great for booby traps.

Peace Keeper: Don't you hate it when somebody runs around with 300+ Shadow Keeper shots and overtakes the whole game? One shot from the PeaceKeeper, and they can kiss their Shadow goodbye (literally!).

Sheep Brigade: After being stuck as simple mines or decorations, the sheep are fed up. Send a small herd of angry kamakaze sheep at your enemies.

Trick Ramdrill: The Ramdrill fans always get picked on, with other tanks staying just out of range, and shooting them with impunity. Show them that they need to be more careful...

Shadow Summoner: My personal favorite out of the bunch. The definite power weapon of the bunch. Don't read the readme for this one. Trust me, you'll want to be surprised :-).

Now play nice, everybody...

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posted June 28, 2001 02:24 AM            

The reports about the Shadow Summoner are not under-estimated. The X-files would be very jealous.