Author Topic:   Can ExploShperes Move ?
posted June 20, 2001 01:46 PM            
Hi Everyone,

I was just gonna send this question to JVortex, but then figured maybe it would be better to post so that others can add to, or learn from the discussion.

My posts are usually very wordy. So after this post, Im gonna try to be brief. (that is if everyone hates huge amounts of text.)

Question is:
Can an ExploSphere move ?
If so, what determines its vector of movement ?

Does is matter how it is created ?
Meaning, does it matter if the thing that spawns the ExploSphere is sitting still ?

Im looking into enhancing the Tornado so it can move around. It's going to be kind of tricky depending on which solution I try to use.. but since I dont use Explo or ExploSheres much on a routine basis, Im not sure what their full capability/limitations are.



Rex R
posted June 21, 2001 04:14 AM            
dunno bout them moving but, I do have a request for you and all other mod makers please becareful about your white spaces