Author Topic:   Question for JVortex and everyone.
posted June 15, 2001 02:40 AM            
JV does the mod pack on your website have all the mods that you mention on the weapons page(this question refers to the weapons page). If it does you should say it on the site and if it doesn't you should say which ones it does have. And if you do say it on the site, sorry for not looking hard enough.

Also, someone needs to incoporate this into a mod "you'd better give me that Nuke, boy, you're liable to hurt someone with it."

LDA Players, Information, and etc...

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Rex R
posted June 15, 2001 02:54 AM            
ah er um which mod pack are you refering to? as for the .wav file we would need to have someone record it (might work well with the tri-nuke)
the short answer is no. what it does contain is; all the weapons that were on RC's site as of the date listed. the other weapons are newer and/or have been fixed to correct bad calls in the ents(little surprising how many typos there are)

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posted June 15, 2001 12:45 PM            
well theres a few packs on my site.

as to the feb 5 2001 pack i dont have a list of whats all in that one (tho i oculd make a list). i didnt make it. i just posted it. i also didnt fix any errors that may happen to be in it either. the original Kasplattt pack and the nguk Kasplattt pack both have listed whats in them. tho i do need to go thru and redo these packs.

but aside from that, its what Rex said. the individual files for download have had errors in them fixed. so people are really better off d loading individual mods as opposed to grabbing the packs. the packs are really just intended as a way for people to grab the meshes and textures they need to play on the servers. errors in some ent files wont matter much once you log into a server.